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Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA: Increase Your Workplace Safety

Criminal Background Check Shreveport LAAs an employer, you probably get to know your staff pretty well, especially if you have a small- or even a medium-sized business.  And because you spend so much time with so many different kinds of people, you can get to be pretty good at reading them and figuring out if there’s something wrong or if there’s something they’re not telling you.  The good thing is that you don’t have to go it alone if you have a bad feeling about someone who works for you - you can get a criminal background check in Shreveport LA that can tell you everything your sixth sense can’t tell you.

No one likes to think the worst of others but as an employer, you have a responsibility, not only to your business but to your other staff and your customers to be careful who you hire.  And, unfortunately, people will try to hide any questionable activity they’ve been involved in or any criminal record they may have just to keep their jobs.  You may feel that if you know what kinds of activities your employees have been involved in, it will help you to decide if they’re a threat to your business and others.  This can help you to determine if you should terminate them or keep them on.

A comprehensive criminal background check in Shreveport LA can tell you about an employee’s criminal history by checking national criminal databases, state criminal databases, state sex offender registries, global criminal watch lists and federal, state and county court records.  It can also tell you about any civil actions taken against your employee like lawsuits, judgments, liens and bankruptcies.  Driving records can be searched to find out about any kind of traffic violations from misdemeanors to felonies and DUIs.

You may have employees with criminal records who have committed violent crimes or robberies.  You may have employees who are deeply in debt who may be tempted to steal from your company.  You may have employees who have had one or more DUIs who might be driving your company vehicles.  There are a number of reasons why you need to conduct a criminal background check in Shreveport LA - the main one is that you cannot wait until something bad happens to find out about an employee’s history. Not only can it cost you your business, it can potentially lead to a serious injury or loss of life.

Call us at DATCS at (318) 678-5568 to get a criminal background check in Shreveport LA for any of your employees.  Visit us online at to find out more about our services.

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