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Background Checks, DNA Testing, & Drug Testing in Tyler, TX

Dedicated to Improving Safety & Wellbeing

DATCS is one of the nation’s most respected drug and alcohol testing companies. We’re dedicated to improving safety and quality of life in the workplace, at schools, and on the roads. 

DATCS has over 30 years of experience providing substance abuse programs, background screenings, and other vital testing services. That experience ensures that we’re one of the leaders in drug & alcohol testing services in the nation.

We’re also dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. We work with our clients to help them develop the testing solutions that their unique situation requires. 

With DATCS, you can expect fast test results and an unmatched understanding of state and federal statutes.

Drug Testing Services in Tyler, TX

DATCS offers a full suite of drug & alcohol testing services. Whether court-manded or for a pre-employment drug test, DATCS is able to help you develop a testing regimen that protects you and those around you. 

Urinalysis Drug Testing

Urine testing is one of the most common drug screening tests, used in everything from court compliance to post-accident testing. Urine testing is inexpensive and has a proven track record of catching offenders. 

Urine testing has a short window for the detection of most substances. This makes it great for determining recent substance abuse but less reliable for determining long-term abuse of drugs or alcohol. 

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair testing is a powerful tool for investigating a person’s long-term habits with drugs and alcohol. A hair test has a wide window of detection–up to 90 days–that make it a great tool for investigating someone’s substance use over time.

Hair testing is a more expensive testing method and it has a slower turnaround time. That’s offset by the fact that it’s very resistant to tampering and has a wider detection window. It’s also approved for use DOT testing.

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Nailbed Testing

Nail testing is becoming an increasingly popular way to test in the criminal justice system. They allow for a larger detection window than even hair testing. With a nail test, drug use can be detected up to six months from ingestion.

Nail testing is one of the newest testing methods in our toolbox, but it’s becoming popular for employers, schools, and the criminal justice system for its wide detection window. 

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Mobile Drug Testing in the Tyler, TX, Area

DATCS offers 24/7 mobile drug testing throughout the nation. This includes roadside and on-site drug and alcohol testing services. We can provide mobile alcohol breath testing, urinalysis, hair & nail testing, and other vital services to help you get to the root cause of an accident. 

We offer both DOT-compliant and non-DOT mobile testing. We’re able to provide these services nationwide. If you need immediate testing services, contact DATCS now.

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Background Checks in Tyler, TX

Proper background check procedures can save your company lots of money during and after the hiring process. DATCS can provide a full suite of background checks, including driving records, employment history, and criminal records. 

Driving Records

Whether for DOT or non-DOT use, DATCS can provide a full range of driving checks for potential employees. This can be beneficial if they’re going to drive a company vehicle or if they drive as part of their job requirements.

For commercial drivers, we offer an FMCSA package that provides everything you need to adhere to federal compliance requirements. 

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Employment & Education

Employment and education verification can save your hiring department a lot of time. It can save on training costs and other long-term costs associated with the hiring process, too. 

DATCS can provide direct verification of a person’s educational history, including the highest degree or grade awarded, course of study, grades, and other vital information about their academic performance.

We’re also able to verify prior employment, check references, and perform an employment credit check. These will ensure that your hiring process is both smooth and cost-efficient in the long run. 

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Criminal Background Checks

Checking the criminal history of potential employees is a vital way to safeguard your business or school. DATCS can provide criminal background checks for federal, state, and local convictions and arrests. 

We’re able to provide records for both misdemeanor and felony offenses at any level. We provide the Gold Standard in criminal history searches, and our proprietary database can search all 50 states and the federal government.

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DNA Testing in Tyler, TX

DATCS can provide a full range of DNA testing services. Whether court-mandated or personal, we’re able to test for your purposes. 


The most common type of DNA testing is testing for paternity or maternity, and DATCS can provide those testing services with a guarantee of 99.99% probability of success. 


DNA testing can determine whether or not a group of grandparents are related, by blood, to their grandchild. DATCS provides grandparentage DNA testing services for a variety of purposes.

Avuncular Testing

Avuncular testing determines the probability of paternity by testing relatives of the child’s father. It tests the aunt or uncle of the child to determine whether or not they’re related. 

Siblingship Testing

DNA testing can determine whether or not two individuals are blood-related siblings, and DATCS provides this testing for personal use or if it’s court-mandated.

Infidelity Testing

DATCS can provide DNA testing services to determine infidelity. This method can identify if DNA is present and then match that DNA to a person.

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Drug Testing Certification Classes in Tyler, TX

DATCS offers certification and training courses that will help you devise and implement a substance abuse strategy for your school or business.

We offer both DOT-approved and non-DOT certifications in urinalysis collection, alcohol breath testing, screening test technician training, hair & saliva collection training, error correction training, and others. 

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Building Safer Spaces for 30 Years

DATCS is dedicated to improving the safety of schools, workplaces, and the road. We believe that a good substance abuse testing program is vital to protecting employees, students, and everyone around them.

If you’re building a testing program or need our services, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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