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Background Checks, DNA, and Drug Testing – Wichita Falls, TX

Engineering Safer Spaces For Over 30 Years

DATCS is committed to providing education, drug testing, and other services that dramatically improve the safety of our public and private spaces, including homes, workplaces, and schools. 

With over 3 decades of experience, we’ve become an industry leader in background screening, drug and alcohol testing, and DNA testing services. We’re dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of screening technology while helping businesses and public agencies build the testing programs that keep them and the public safe. 

We strive for a simple and efficient customer experience. We’re service oriented and are available to help you or your supervisors with whatever you need. We want you and your screening programs to be successful, and we’re here to see that they are.

Alcohol & Drug Screening in Wichita Falls, TX

Urine Drug Tests

Urinalysis is a tried and true drug testing method that offers easy collection and a reasonably wide window of detection. It offers a great combination of ease of use, effectiveness, and cost. 

Unfortunately, a dedicated substance abuser knows how to adulterate urine drug tests with synthetic urine or other methods. The detection window for some substances can also be reasonably small.

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Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Hair drug tests are a reasonably new collection method that offers a variety of benefits, including a longer detection window. They also offer a simple collection and limited methods for subjects to adulterate the tests. 

The wide detection window–up to 90 days–can offer insights into long-term substance abuse in subjects, but it comes at a cost. Hair testing can be expensive, but DATCS can help you determine whether or not it’s right for you. 

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Saliva Drug Tests

Saliva testing is one of the newest testing methods available. It offers a simple collection method that enables you to test immediately following an accident. Results are quick, allowing you to make a determination almost immediately. 

Saliva testing can be administered almost anywhere but has a reasonably small detection window. This may be good for your needs, and DATCS will help you determine whether saliva drug testing can fit into your detection program. 

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Fingernail Drug Tests

Nailbed drug testing is the newest method of drug detection. It offers rapid testing and a wide window of detection–up to 6 months–for a broad range of substances.

Fingernail testing is so new that it isn’t yet widely used by public agencies, but private industry is making good use of it already. DATCS can help you determine if this method is right for you or your business. 

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Drug Testing Services in Wichita Falls, TX

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Developing a pre-employment drug testing program can save your company millions in the long run. DATCS can help you identify the testing system that works best for you, including training your collection team. 

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DOT Drug Testing

DATCS offers both DOT-approved and non-DOT drug testing services. Our team keeps up to date about federal guidelines, ensuring that your program adheres to them and all local regulations. 

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24/7 Mobile Drug Testing

DATCS offers nationwide 24/7 mobile drug testing services. We can have a testing team to you or your facility wherever you are. Mobile tests can include breath alcohol testing alongside your preferred collection method. 

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Background Checks in Wichita Falls, TX

Pre-Employment Background Checks

A background check for employment can help determine whether or not potential applicants are qualified for work at your place of business. DATCS can provide employment verification, criminal records searches, driving records, and other vital background information on potential applicants. 

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Criminal Background Checks

DATCS offers comprehensive criminal records searches for both felony and misdemeanor convictions at the local, state, and federal levels. DATCS offers the gold standard in criminal background checks, allowing agencies and businesses to secure themselves against individuals unsuited to work there. 

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Driving Records

Trucking companies are required by federal law to have a comprehensive driving record check as part of their hiring process. DATCS can help you create a process that works for your business and adheres to federal, state, and local laws. 

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DNA Testing in Wichita Falls, TX

DATCS offers a range of DNA testing services for both personal and forensic applications. Our DNA testing can determine paternity, maternity, grandparentage, and other blood relationships.

Paternity Testing in Wichita Falls, TX

Of all DNA tests, paternity tests are the most common. DATCS offers paternity testing for both personal use and by court order. If you need genetic testing in Wichita Falls, TX, contact DATCS today.

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Drug Testing Certification Classes in Wichita Falls, TX

As an industry leader in substance abuse prevention, DATCS is your resource when developing a drug testing program–including the training you’ll need for collecting samples.

We offer training and certification courses in a variety of collection methods, including DOT-approved collection training, breath alcohol testing, error correction, and more. 

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