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Background Checks, DNA, and Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

Helping Engineer Safer Spaces for over 30 Years

DATCS has been making schools, workplaces, roads, and other public spaces are safer for over 30 years. We provide accurate, efficient drug screening in Shreveport, LA, and around the nation in pursuit of this mission.

Our experience with drug testing makes us an industry leader. We strive to be on the cutting edge of drug and alcohol testing, finding innovative new testing procedures while staying ahead of state and federal compliance.

We’re service-oriented and strive for a simple and efficient customer experience. Whether you’re getting your supervisors trained or looking to implement a workplace drug testing policy, DATCS is dedicated to ensuring you do so successfully.

Drug & Alcohol Testing in Shreveport, LA

DATCS offers a wide range of drug and alcohol tests accompanied by extensive experience in the area. Our team is able to help you get the test you need and identify the type of test that is best suited for your purposes. 

Urine Tests in Shreverport, LA

Urinalysis is one of the most popular testing methods. It offers a great compromise between its effectiveness, ease of use, and cost.

Compared to more modern methods, urine tests have a smaller window of detection for some substances. These tests can often be “fooled” with synthetic urine and various other means. DATCS can help you determine if urine tests are right for your program. 

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

Hair follicle testing is being recognized as one of the best methods to determine long-term substance abuse. It has a wide detection window–up to 90 days–and is more resistant to adulteration compared to urinalysis.

Hair testing can be more expensive than other methods, but its wider detection window and resistance to adulteration may make up for those costs. DATCS can help you determine whether or not they do.

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Fingernail Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

Nailbed testing is one of the more modern methods to test for substance abuse. It has the widest window of detection and can find trace amounts of substances for up to 6 months.

Nail testing hasn’t been widely adopted for use at the state and federal levels, yet. For private enterprises, they’re one of the best methods available. DATCS can help you determine if they’re right for you.

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Saliva Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

Saliva testing is the newest method of drug testing. It offers the ability to rapidly test for substance use. It can provide quick results and is one of the most effective methods for marijuana testing.

Saliva testing is also impervious to adulteration and can be administered almost anywhere. DATCS can help you determine if saliva drug testing is right for your enforcement policy.

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Drug Testing Services in Shreveport, LA

Workplace & Pre-Employment Drug Tests in Shreveport, LA

On-the-job drug use leads to increased accidents, absenteeism, and profit loss. A good drug testing policy and pre-employment screening can protect you from the worst of these. Let DATCS help you devise and implement one. 

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DOT Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

DATCS specializes in DOT drug testing compliance. Our team keeps up-to-date about accepted best practices and is able to implement a policy that adheres to federal guidelines. We do so with multiple agencies, including PHMSA.

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24/7 Mobile Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

DATCS offers 24/7 mobile drug testing nationwide. We can have a testing team to you no matter where you are. Mobile tests can include breath alcohol testing alongside your preferred testing method. 

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Background Checks in Shreveport, LA

DATCS offers a suite of background checks for pre-employment screening or any other use. Our team is dedicated to finding the right information for your needs. 

Driving Records

Trucking companies and other organizations that make use of commercial vehicles can benefit from having thorough driving records during the hiring process. A driving record background check for employment can help ensure that you get good drivers behind the wheel at your company. 

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Pre-Employment Checks

DATCS can help you devise and implement a background check system for your hiring process. We’re able to provide prior employment screening for your applicants as well as a criminal record check, their driving records, and other publicly-available information.

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Criminal Background Checks

DATCS provides criminal background checks that will determine whether or not a person has any arrests or convictions. We’re able to find both misdemeanor and felony offenses at the state, federal, or local levels. 

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DNA Testing in Shreveport, LA

DATCS is a DNA testing center in Shreveport, LA. We offer maternity, paternity, and other relational testing services. We’re also able to provide forensic and investigative DNA testing for courtroom use. 

Paternity Testing in Shreveport, LA

Of all DNA testing, paternity testing is by far the most common. DATCS offers paternity tests for individual and courtroom uses. Contact our offices today to schedule your test.

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Drug Testing Certification Classes in Shreveport, LA

We provide training seminars and drug and alcohol testing certification to Shreveport, LA, area businesses. This includes DOT drug screen certification and other federally-regulated certifications. 

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