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Background Checks, DNA, and Drug Testing in Longview, TX

Dedicated to Keeping You and Yours Safer

DATCS is one of the nation’s oldest substance abuse testing companies, and our team is dedicated to making schools, workplaces, and roads safer through accurate, fast drug and alcohol testing services.

We’ve been providing drug testing for over 30 years. We also offer background checks for driving records, employment verification, and criminal history. Our experience ensures we’re able to provide accurate, effective testing and background checks for our clients.

At our core, we’re a service-oriented company that’s dedicated to providing our services with a smooth client experience that prioritizes their unique needs. No matter your situation, we’re confident we can devise a solution.

Drug Testing Services in Longview, TX

DATCS offers a wide range of drug and alcohol screening services. Whether it’s court-mandated or you’re devising a pre-employment drug testing program, our team is here to help you identify the services that will meet your needs. 

Urinalysis Drug Testing

Urine testing is a tried and true drug screening method that’s used everywhere, from the workplace to the criminal justice system. They’re accurate, have a good window for detection, and are cost-effective. 

Urine testing’s relatively short window of detection means that it’s not great for some applications. Urinalysis can detect substances in the bloodstream for a few days to a few months. Urine tests can also be adulterated easier than other methods.

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair follicle testing is becoming more popular in criminal justice and workplace drug screening programs. They have a wider window of detection than urinalysis and can detect substance use for up to 90 days.

Hair drug tests can be more expensive than urinalysis, but its wider detection window can offset those costs. It’s almost impossible to fake hair follicle test results. It’s also approved for some federal uses.

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Nailbed Testing

Fingernail testing is one of the newest drug screening methods. It has the widest detection window, and some drugs can be detected up to 6 months after they were taken. It’s also impervious to adulteration.

As one of the newer testing methods, it isn’t in wide use at the state or federal level, but it’s becoming popular at workplaces and schools to catch long-term drug abuse in employees and students. 

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Mobile Drug Testing in the Longview, TX Area

DATCS offers 24/7 onsite drug testing services throughout the nation. This includes roadside, workplace, and school campus drug testing services. Testing services can include alcohol breath tests, saliva testing, urinalysis, and the rest of our drug screening services. 

We offer both DOT-compliant and non-DOT mobile drug testing services. If you need mobile drug testing, time is of the essence. Contact DATCS today to speak with a representative. 

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Background Checks in Longview, TX

Background checks for employment are a primary method for inquiring about potential employees during the hiring process. Having an affordable, effective background check process in place can save you thousands of dollars in training and hiring costs. 

Driving Records

Trucking companies and other organizations that employ CDL-holders are required by the FMCSA to have a comprehensive driving and background check during the hiring process. DATCS offers a complete FMCSA and PHMSA package for such hires. 

We offer non-DOT driving background checks for employees that may be driving company vehicles. No matter your situation, DATCS can find a driving records solution that protects your business and your clients. 

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Education & Employment History

Verifying an applicant’s educational achievements and employment history can prevent potential bad hires before they cost you even more money in training and hiring costs. 

DATCS can provide employment and education verification services. Educational background checks can conclude the highest degree, grades, course of study, and other vital information that can assist your hiring process. 

The DATCS team can also provide prior employment verification and reference checks for your applicants. We’ll ensure that the most qualified candidates get the job. 

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Arrests & Criminal Convictions

A candidate’s criminal background can and should disqualify them from certain types of employment. It can be difficult to get that information from a single source, though.

DATCS can provide a full range of criminal history checks. We’re able to find federal, state, and county criminal charges. Our team can find both felony and misdemeanor arrests and convictions. 

We offer the gold standard in criminal history checks alongside a proprietary database for searching federal offenses. 

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DNA Testing in Longview, TX

DATCS provides a full range of DNA testing services. Whether for personal use or court-mandated, we’re able to prove maternity, paternity, grandparentage, siblings, and other blood relationships. 

DATCS can provide court-permissible DNA testing services, including DNA testing for infidelity, paternity tests, and more. If you need genetic testing at our Longview, TX office, contact us today to learn how we can help. 

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Drug Testing Certification Classes in Longview, TX

As an industry leader in substance abuse screening, DATCS is also able to help you devise and implement a drug testing program at your school or workplace. 

Part of that includes training and certification courses that will ensure that you’re collecting and analyzing samples properly. Our course offerings include DOT-compliant and non-DOT courses in sample collection, breath alcohol testing, supervisor training, error correction, and more

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Helping Make Your Spaces Safer for 30 Years

DATCS is dedicated to protecting employees, students, and everyone around them. For 30 years, we’ve led the way, becoming an industry leader in substance abuse screening, background checks, and DNA testing.

If you need services or are looking to build a testing program, contact us today to speak to a representative and learn how we can help. 

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