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DATCS is a highly experienced company with a wealth of knowledge...they are quick to answer any questions that I have and are always friendly and courteous. I highly recommend them for all of your drug and alcohol testing needs, they are truly experts in their field.

Renee Cravens

I am the DER of D&G Directional Drilling Inc and have 50+ employees and could not ask for a better team to work with .. I have used their services for 5 years and NEVER let us down .. The BEST in Texas .. Very helpful and polite .. More like family ..

Jerry Horstmann

I am the DER for Del Zotto Products of Texas and I have been dealing with DATCS for over 10 years. They are so easy to work with and always make sure we are up to date on our randoms! They are very accommodating on scheduling their visits when it is convenient for us and give us fast and accurate results! I recommend them highly!

Diane Wahoviak

Very professional. Knowledgeable regarding DOT and Drug Free Workplace Policies. Simply the best! The Account Representative, Brandi Jordan is a true professional, and provides excellent service.

Dwayne Cox

As a DER of a local transportation company, we have used DATCS as our ONLY pre-employment/random drug testing facility for more than 10 years. We have found the wait times to be almost nonexistent, the staff professional, and ALWAYS going the extra mile. They have assisted me on more than occasion after an accident, finding testing facilities in the middle of nowhere TEXAS. When necessary they have come to our rescue personally, AFTER HOURS to make sure we stay compliant.

Laura Farrell

I love working with the staff from DATCS- they go above and beyond to make sure everything is up to date for our company and they accommodate any schedule conflicts we may have. The staff is very friendly and helpful with any matter. I recommend working with this company.

Amanda Saenz

The company I work for has been with DATCS for the last 15+ years and I have nothing but good things to say for them. The employees are very professional and Brandi in the DOT Compliance department is always my go to person for any and all DOT Drug and Alcohol testing questions. They handle all my testing requirements and the on-site collection service really helps me to stay in compliance with federal testing regulations. The service they provide is fast and accurate and having on-line test results available, it makes it so much easier for me to do my job. I would very highly recommend them for all your regulated and non-regulated testing needs. Thanks DATCS for all the help!!

Angela Ybarra

DATCS has Always been very helpful, Brandi J is AWESOME !! She always go out of her way to help me when I call about my Randoms or need help with there web sit. They are always polite and laughing with me when I call. Our company has used them for over 5 years now and I would highly recommend DATCS for any of your DOT Compliance/Drug & Alcohol Testing

Melinda Wray

Very little wait time and sure to verify information. Mountain Supply and Service has had a partnership with DATCS for about 7 years now and any time I call to request help or information, (Awesome) Brandi and Beth is on the ball with a quick response. Makes my job easier!

Walt Smith

The employees here are super friendly and easy to work with! I would suggest using them for any drug testing needs you may have. Brandi Jordan is one of the friendliest employees and I love dealing with her!

Lacey Barrett

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