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Jun 19, 2018

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services in Shreveport

DATCS supplies you with trustworthy reports that will give you the opportunity to safeguard your business, staff, and customers from incidences common to drug and alcohol abuse.

Whether you are performing a random testing to ensure efficiency or are working towards addressing an existing issue, or you have an employee that’s making dangerous mistakes or has a spotty attendance record, our Shreveport, LA alcohol and drug testing services will help you determine if substance abuse is playing a role, our drug testing services and alcohol testing for organizations will ensure that your employees are safe, and your company achieves success.

Shreveport, Louisiana Department of Transportation Background Checking Services

Are you a Shreveport, Louisiana organization dealing with higher than usual employee turnover rates or increased incident reports? You may be missing an important part of your employment screening process. DATCS offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services for incoming candidates, saving you time and resources by helping you identify unqualified individuals earlier.

Organizations that achieve long-term success understand that its most valuable assets are their employees. Make sure your investment in personnel are strategic ones, at DATCS, we’re here to be your partner in securing the best, most reliable employment candidates with strident background checks, drug testing, and alcohol screening services for organizations in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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