Tyler TX

Jan 26, 2017

DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing in Wichita Falls, TX

DATCS provides drug and alcohol testing, DOT compliance services, training and education for supervisors, drug and alcohol policy customization and auditing, and more in Tyler, TX. DATCS makes it easy to keep your business, employees and customers safe from the risks of drugs and alcohol. Whether your business is required by law to regularly test employees or you simply want to ensure the quality and safety in your business, DATCS can help you maintain a drug-free workplace. We also work with schools, non-profits and other organizations across the state and across the country.

Drug and alcohol testing provides preventative measures to protect your organization from the effects of drugs and alcohol before it becomes a problem, and also provides reactive measures to solve drug and alcohol concerns. The best way to prevent drugs and alcohol from affecting your business and hurting your workforce and customers is to put clear, effective policies in place. DATCS provides testing and supervisor training as well as policy development to deter drug use from the start, detect use if it occurs, and prevent the effects of drug and alcohol from harming the business, employees and customers. To keep your organization compliant with DOT rules and regulations, or to simply prevent drug and alcohol use, DATCS also provides convenient, accurate testing services for alcohol and all types of dangerous drugs.

Schedule drug or alcohol testing in Tyler, TX for your business, school or non-profit today at a local testing center. For more information on policy reformation, training and other services, contact us.