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Drug & Alcohol Compliance Testing in Louisiana

Employees and managers are the face of your company, helping customers, performing the daily tasks of the business, and ensuring the business’s success each day. The effects of drugs or alcohol can quickly endanger employees, customers and the business itself, making customers lose trust in the company and creating costly liabilities. DATCS prevents these dangerous substances from effecting your business, school, non-profit or other agency with complete drug and alcohol screening, policy development, training and more in Louisiana.

Preventative measures are the best protection for your business, your employees and your customers. Enacting preventative procedures like random drug screening, background checks, and motor vehicle report checks, along with clear, straight-forward drug prevention policies that make workplace conduct clear all work to make a safe workplace. DATCS provides testing and collection centers across Louisiana to make it easy to regularly test employees to ensure compliance. We also provide professional consultations to develop effective, current drug and alcohol polices for businesses, corporations, schools, treatment centers, non-profit organizations and more. With these policies and procedures in place, you can create a safe, positive, drug- and alcohol-free environment.

Find a testing center near your organization in Louisiana to conduct random screenings, pre-employment screenings and more. For more information on policy development and training for supervisors, technicians and collectors, including online training, contact us.

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