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Bossier City LA

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Background Screening – Drug & Alcohol Testing in Bossier City

For a business to maintain a positive reputation and earn customers’ trust, employees and managers must be ready and able to do their jobs. DATCS provides drug and alcohol testing services, training and education, and policy development to make a safe, effective work environment for everyone. With local testing centers in Bossier City, LA, you can conduct random testing, pre-employment testing and other drug and alcohol screening services without inconveniencing employees or taking time away from work.

DATCS provides testing services to screen for a wide array of drugs that can impair an employee’s abilities, including cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, heroine, morphine, codeine, marijuana and alcohol. These screening services may include tests required by law, such as DOT compliance testing for safety-sensitive employees like bus drivers, pilots and other transportation operators, as well as regular testing services for best business practices. We work with businesses as well as schools, non-profits, treatment centers and individuals across the nation, including Bossier City, LA, and our experts can help you too.

Click to find a drug and alcohol screening center in Bossier City, LA and contact us for more information on custom policy development, training and education for supervisors, collectors and technicians, and more.

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