Protect Your Company with Background Checks in Texarkana AR

Dec 27, 2014

These days, getting background checks on potential employees is more important than ever. Stealing identities, committing cyber crimes and hiding questionable pasts is easier than it’s ever been, and because of this, background checks are vital. And with the help of DATCS (Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services), background checks in Texarkana AR are simple.

Of course, every person you interview isn’t guilty of identity theft, shoplifting, or other criminal history. However, it never hurts to be careful, and here’s why:

Keep the Office Safe

You want everyone in your company to feel safe when they are at work. A background check should bring up any history of sexual harassment or assault cases, along with battery, corporate fraud or other items that could affect whether or not you feel safe with this person in your office. With a background check, you can know these things before you hire. Everyone in the whole office is safer if you order background checks in Texarkana AR on all potential and new employees.

Have More Transparency

The most honest business owners run their companies with transparency. A criminal history does not necessarily mean an applicant can’t get the job. Some violations like traffic tickets don’t matter at all to potential employers. Background checks in Texarkana AR offer transparency for both the employer and the applicant/new employee.

It’s Worth the Cost

Hiring DATCS to run background checks for all your new employees and/or potential employees is just as affordable as it is wise. It isn’t pricey at all to get a background check, especially if you are ordering one for just a few individuals. Obviously, the more application checks you order, the more it will cost. But compared to how much stress and turnover you save, it is priceless.

System Security

Our online system through which we run background checks is secure, so the information entered will not be compromised or shared with anyone else. We understand that online fraud is a huge problem these days, which is why we created a system that is solid and secure. Your information (or information for those you assign background checks to) will not be compromised.

Why Us?

Whether you are ordering a background check for new employees or filling one out yourself, the DATCS system is one of the quickest and simplest ways to do it. If you are in charge of human resources or hiring for a company, you can rest assured with our services. You can know with certainty that this aspect of your job is well taken care of and that you are doing all you can to make sure the employees you hire are legal, safe, and honest.

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