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Drug Testing Texarkana AR: Have a Great Policy in Place

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Drug and Alcohol Testing Texarkana AR, Drug Testing Texarkana AR | 0 comments

When you own or manage a company, you need to have a great policy in place for all your drug testing needs.  It needs to be in a written form so that potential and current employees know how things will be handled when it comes to drug testing in Texarkana AR.  This needs to include provisions for all types of instances including pre-employment, accident testing, just cause testing and back to work testing.  If you need help getting a policy in place, DATCS can help you formulate that and also help with the testing.   Call us today to get more information and let us help you make your business more solid by having a policy in place that covers all bases.  Our phone number is (318) 678-5568.

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