The Basics of Drug Testing Tyler TX

Jun 16, 2014

Between television shows and news broadcasts, almost everyone understands the basic purpose of drug testing Tyler TX. Most people know that drug testing involves taking a biological sample—usually blood or urine—and analyzing it to determine if drugs are present in the system of the person being tested. However, most people don’t understand more about the process than these basics. Often people don’t understand what samples need to be taken, or how they need to be taken, or what the test is actually attempting to show. If someone understands the basics of a drug test they will be able to choose which kind of drug test would work best for their needs.

Testing samples can come from a wide variety of biological specimens. These specimens include things like urine, blood, hair, sweat, saliva, and breath air. Different kinds of drug tests work best at detecting different kinds of drugs. The most common kind of drug test is the breathalyzer test that police officers administer to drivers they suspect of driving while intoxicated. Breath air testing is fast, but the amount of alcohol that can be detected on the breath falls soon after the individual stops drinking, which means that breathalyzer tests cannot detect alcohol and serves no purpose the morning after a person has been drinking. Other drug tests, like those that utilize urine and blood, can detect the presence of drugs several days after ingestion.

Just as there are different biological samples, these different samples need to be taken in different ways. Some tests are simple, like breath air tests that are usually administered with a puff of air into a breathalyzer, saliva tests that usually involve a swab to the inner cheek, and sweat tests that usually involve a swab to the forehead or under the arm. Blood tests are slightly more complicated. Drug testing Tyler TX requires that a blood sample be taken by a certified medical professional and then sent a certified testing facility. Usually the blood can be drawn in a simple procedure by a phlebotomist. The most complicated testing sample to get, involves urine. The process of producing the sample is simple, but it is important that the testing facility shows as much respect as possible for the privacy of the person being tested, while at the same time making sure the sample is not compromised.

Drug testing Tyler TX is designed to show whether or not specific drugs are present in the system of the person being tested. Tests that look specifically for the drugs are only useful for a specific period of time after the individual has consumed the substance. There are other kinds of drug tests that apply both to the undiluted drugs, and to the metabolites that the drugs leave behind in the system after their effects have ceased. In order to best test in different ways for different kinds of drugs you need to rely on a company like Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services to help you. Our company has the necessary experience to tell what kinds of drugs you should be testing for, and how they can carry out those tests in the most efficient and legally binding manner. Contact us at to find out more.

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