DATCS – Drug Testing Companies in Texas That Protects Your Company From False Drug Results

Oct 15, 2013

As an employer, you set customer and employee safety and productivity above everything else. You know that drug-using employees can cause a lot of problems for your business, and so it’s imperative that you do pre-employment and random employee drug testing, and that you use the one of the best drug testing companies in Texas.

Unfortunately, you would probably be surprised to find out that “cheating” on employee drug tests is an extremely common practice. Some drug testing companies in Texas might not have the training or capabilities to discover all the different types of drug test cheating that occur. But at DATCS, we have it covered. We see people attempting to cheat a drug test almost on a daily basis, and our trained staff know how to spot and prevent the various creative attempts at cheating a drug test.

The most common form of “cheating” on drug tests involves smuggling in a false urine specimen. For example, employees might bring a container to work that is filled with someone else’s urine sample. They hide the bottle somewhere on their person, and attach temperature strips and hand warmers to the bottle to keep it at a warm, urine-like temperature.  This is a  clever attempt to falsely pass a drug test, but our DOT certified collectors are well-trained to spot such evasions. As one of the best drug testing companies in Texas, we’ve seen it all. We’ve caught people attempting to smuggle urine in pill bottles, travel-sized shampoo bottles, condoms, balloons, and even baby bottles. The employee will try to squirt the urine from their container and simulate a real urine sound, but unfortunately for them, our staff can tell the difference.

Because state and federal laws don’t mandate drug testing for most businesses, it’s important that you implement a firm drug and alcohol testing policy. Having such a policy enforces consistency and can prevent litigation regarding drug tests resulting in termination and in other sensitive matters. And if your company does not currently have a drug policy in place or you’re not exactly sure how to develop one yourself, the professionals at DATCS will be happy to assist you. We even offer a model policy that can be customized to your specifications.

When you call DATCS for pre-employment or random drug testing, you have the peace of mind that comes with using one of the best drug testing companies in Texas.

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