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DATCS is now offering online collectors training for both DOT urine and alcohol collections/testing. This is a live interaction via a webcam with certified master trainers. This training requires at least a two week notice in advanced for scheduling purpose as well as the shipping of all the training material to your location. This training concludes with the required 5 consecutive error free mock collections to be observed by the instructor between the student and a donor. The donor can be any party of the student’s choosing but they may not be the instructor. The classroom material takes approximately 6 hours to cover and the hands-on practice mocks generally take 2. This training is offered Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. For the scheduling of this training or to inquire about pricing/ordering supplies please contact the training department located out of DATCS’ corporate office in Longview Tx.








Training through continual education is critical if you wish to establish and maintain a successful Drug Free Workplace.  DATCS offers Supervisor, Collector, Breath Alcohol Certification and Designated Employee Representative (DER) training for DOT and non-DOT regulated drug testing programs.

DOT Required Supervisor Training: This training covers the indicators of alcohol and drug abuse in the work place, how to recognize them and what actions you can and cannot take, and how to establish a drug free workplace. Having a Supervisors Training Program is mandatory under the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, as it identifies indicators of drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace. Supervisors are the essential elements of a company’s drug and alcohol program because they are most likely to be the first to recognize and intervene when there is unacceptable behavior.

According to the rules and regulations of DOT, “The company’s determination that reasonable suspicion exists to require an employee to undergo a drug/alcohol test shall be based on specific, contemporaneous articulable observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech, or body odors of the employee. The required observations should be made by a supervisor who has received at least 60 minutes of training in detecting the symptoms of drug abuse and 60 minutes training in the symptoms of alcohol misuse.”

DOT Collectors Training: This class covers the techniques and requirements of urine analysis (UA) drug collections as required by DOT 49 CFR Part 40. It also addresses how to deal with different situations, how to fill out and maintain DOT Custody and Control forms and the “do’s and don’ts”.

DOT DER Training: The “Designated Employee Representative” (DER) is the key company contact to provide up-to-date personnel records, receive test results and coordinate the random program. The proper DER training is critical to building an effective and efficient drug and alcohol testing program in Texas. This training covers all aspects of the DER’s role, including record maintenance, personnel updates, DOT rules and regulation changes, types of tests, and rules of thumb in creating an active drug free workplace.

BAT (Breath Alcohol Technician) & STT (Screening Test Technician) Training: These courses cover US DOT 49 CFR Part 40 and meet all of DOT’s BAT and STT qualification training requirements. They are designed for graduates to conduct breath alcohol or saliva tests to determine if an employee is impaired. Given that alcohol is the most abused drug, these trainings provide employers with a key tool in battling drug abuse and maintaining a safe work environment.

The Advanced Collector Program: This 4-day extensive program is targeted specifically for people who want the opportunity and have the desire to become third party administrators (TPA) in the drug testing industry. The advantage of these bundle classes is to accelerate the education and training all in one package to save time and money with experienced professional trainers. This program also provides new TPA(s) with the knowledge, resources, and tools for starting their own training program for their future employees or collectors. Upon completion of this program, the student will have accumulated a total of 21 certificates in the following-

* DOT/Non DOT Urine Collection Training

* DOT/Non DOT Breath Alcohol Training

* DOT STT (Screening Test Technician) Training

* POCT (Point of collection training) for Urine and Oral Fluid

* Lab based Oral Fluid Training

* Hair Follicle

* Nail Follicle

* DNA Collection(s)

Advanced Collector’s Course: This course was designed for collectors who strive for excellence with the desire to set themselves apart. Our training offers a broad look at the advantages and disadvantages of each matrix, while focusing on the difficult “what if” scenarios and the general misconceptions for collectors. This training goes in depth on the do’s and don’ts of starting out in the industry as well as the secrets for workplace, personal, legal, and school testing. This training concludes with the first formal study in recognizing synthetic urine during the collection process. 1 certification received upon completion. or (903) 234-1136

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