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Background Checks

Companies are increasingly requiring background checks.  Background checks protect your business by preventing misrepresentation on job applications and enabling your company to keep from hiring employees who have shown unwanted behaviors.

We understand your unique business background screening needs. We will help you by customizing a background check package tailored to you company’s needs. Our background check service will help your business hire and retain the individuals who meet your company’s precise criteria.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services offers a wide range of comprehensive pre-employment verification and criminal searches to meet your unique employment needs.

National Social Security Search

National Social Security searches are able to pinpoint specific information on nearly 99% of all people, ranging from basic information and even acquaintances of the subject. A person’s Social Security Number is their timeline in society; representing everything they’ve done since birth. For that reason, by using Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services for background checks will yield great results. You can take these results to identify individuals for paternity cases, drug offenses, and other crucial information.

  • Shows where the person has resided in the past seven to ten years.
  • Determines if the applicant is deceased.
  • Identity verification and fraud search.
  • Verifies that a SSN is a valid number.

Social Security Search Process

Subject’s Social Security Number (SSN) is entered into the National Investigative Database (NID). The NID returns results that have been recorded by primary consumer reporting agencies. These reports include basic information, including date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Fortunately the search will not be reported and the subject is oblivious to the inquiry.

Information Obtained from SSN Search

  • Full Name.
  • Date of Birth / Age.
  • Date the SSN was issued.
  • Address.

Includes specific dates of previous addresses from up to 7 – 10 years ago

  • Complete list of past and present phone numbers.

Includes other information relative to the phone number

  • Postal Records.
  • Property Ownerships.
  • Family Members.
  1. Spouse.
  2. Children.
  3. Close Relatives.
  • Legal Notices.
  1. Bankruptcies.
  2. Fraud.
  3. Judgments/Liens.
  4. Divorces.
  5. Death Claims.
  • Aliases.

All names affiliated with the Subject’s SSN
Previous marriages or domestic contracts
Addresses associated with the Subject’s Full Name.

  • Identity theft of the Subject’s SSN.



Hiring New Employees

Your company is hiring and Jane Doe applies, so you set up an interview. During the interview Jane impresses you and you decide to move forward with the hiring process. However; as an employer you need reassurance to avoid putting your company at risk. By ordering a National Social Security Search, you can obtain all of the information you need for peace of mind. Once you confirm that Jane Doe is who she says she, you can hire her with full confidence and trust that she will be a great employee.

Locating Family Members

John Doe, Jr. is searching for his father and doesn’t know where to start. Fortunately, John Doe, Jr. has his father’s SSN. By using a National Social Security Search through DATCS, we can help the son locate all information recorded with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Coupled with the information obtained from the SSA, he now has a variety of sources to begin his search.

“Instant Check” National Criminal Search

The “Instant Check” National Criminal Search provides instantaneous results on individuals from a database with nearly 300,000,000 records, covering over 90% of the US Population. The importance of this search relies on the fact that many job applicants or persons of interest are hiding or failing to report criminal offenses.

The Federal government also maintains a “National Instant Criminal Background Check System” (NICS) used for the purpose of purchasing firearms. Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services can work with you to search this database. Contact DATCS for more information on the NICS.

Comprehensive Criminal History

This is a search of statewide felony and misdemeanor criminal databases and records in counties of residence and employment. In addition, at no additional cost, it includes the following: a National Social Security search, a Multi-State Criminal Record search, and a Multi-State Sex Offender Search.

MVR (Driving History)

Will this person be driving a company vehicle or drive during company time, do you want the liability for an irresponsible driver? Our Motor Vehicle Record Search will look back up to 7 years to determine the status of the driver. All 50 States have a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or similar agency that maintains a Motor Vehicle Record for every licensed driver. The majority of these organizations are responsible for:

  • Driver’s License: General identification for multiple purposes, including verification, status, etc.
  • Driver Certification: Written and hands-on test, some states regulate private driving schools.
  • Vehicle Registration: Provide a license plate or tag to track vehicle information, odometer history with prevents mileage fraud, etc.
  • Vehicle Ownership: Issuance of a vehicle title and varies by state, including boats, ATV’s, etc.
  • Recording Liens: Overseeing liens made by a car owner as collateral on a secured loan.
  •  Refuse Sobriety Test: DMV records show revocation and/or suspensions of intoxicated drivers.

Motor Vehicle Search Process

Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services will search all 50 states for information on an individual’s driving record. DATCS will provide a detailed report with all available results, including any offenses listed above. Each state treats driving records differently; therefore, DATCS will explain how these out-of-state events will affect your state’s requirements. For individuals, we look up your records for job applications, vehicle purchases and securing loans.

  • Provides a broader criminal record search that a single jurisdiction could miss.
  • Searches statewide felony and misdemeanor criminal databases and records in counties of residence and employment.
  • Includes the following: a National Social Security search, a Multi-State Criminal Record search and a Multi-State Sex Offender Search at no extra cost.

  Sex Offenders

Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services offers a nationwide, state and local jurisdiction searches for past sex crime offenses, convictions and presently registered Sex Offenders. DATCS understands the sensitive nature of some occupations and will provide employers with peace of mind when hiring new employees.  You will also receive a map with the locations of sex offenders in your region.

  • Searches the State Sex Offender registry for registered sex offenders.
  • Identifies past sex offender crimes for individuals who will interact with sensitive populations.

  Federal Court Criminal Check

Ordering a Federal Court Criminal Records Check (FCCR) will search a particular federal district court’s records. The types of Federal cases consist of crimes that violate federal statutes, offenses committed on federal property, and crimes that cross over state lines. Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services will use the applicant’s residence to look for any of the prosecutions in their jurisdiction.

FCCR involve the Federal Bureau of Investigation and will not appear in any local, county or state records. There are many reasons to perform an FCCR, it’s estimated that approximately 5% of criminal records in America are federal offenses. Violations of federal law should never be taken lightly, these are serious offenses and will create serious problems for your organization or business.

  • Checks the federal court of jurisdiction of an applicant’s residence for federal criminal prosecutions.
  • Federal crimes in which the F.B.I. are involved will not appear in a county or state search.


Ordering a verification search will detect misleading information or deception by individual, something every employer should know. Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services will verify the following:

  • Education: Confirms any record of a candidate’s certifications, degrees, and enrollment from all colleges, universities, trade or vocational schools and high schools.
  • Employment: Confirms past employment and occupations.
  • Military Service: Searches military records to confirm enlistment dates.
  • References: Personal & Private, DATCS will conduct a search to confirm any provided references.
  • Professional Licensing: If a person or business has a professional license, licensed with a city or the state, is the license is active and when it will expire.

  Civil Court Records Check

Information or Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services will identify and civil suits or judgments taken against the application in the specified county. This search will cover a range of civil court matters.

  • Assumed Name.
  • Corporate Filings.
  • Lawsuits.
  • Marriage Licenses.
  • Probate Records.
  • Real Property.
  • UCC.
  • Vital Statistics.


File A Dispute


To Dispute Information on Your Background Report


Despite the best efforts of all of the people and agencies involved in compiling a background check, it is still possible that the information reported can be inaccurate or incomplete. If you believe that any of the information in your background check is not correct, please let us know so we can resolve this for you as quickly as possible.


You Need To


Gather any supporting documentation with a description of the information that you belive is not accurate and fax to 903-753-2764,  or by email to backgroundchecks@datcs.com


What to Expect


Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) we have certain requirements with respect to the reinvestigation of information disputed by a consumer. If information is disputed by the consumer directly or through an employer, a reasonable reinvestigation must be conducted to determine whether the disputed information is inaccurate and record the current status of the disputed information, or delete the item from the file within 30 days of receiving notice of the dispute. Written notice must be provided to the consumer with the results of the reinvestigation no later than five business days after the completion of the reinvestigation, including a statement that the reinvestigation is completed, and a copy of the revised consumer report.


To Learn about what Background Checks are available in Texas or your area Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-201-0242 

 “At the end of 2001 a total of 5,618,000 U.S. adult residents—about 1 in 37—had served time in prison at some point.” – Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Prevalence of Imprisonment in the U.S. Population, 1974-2001,”

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