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Synthetic Urine Training

In the U.S. it is estimated that approximately 15 to 20 laboratories manufacture and sell synthetic urine on a mass production level with the help of thousands of distributers. 

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a liquid that is manufactured as a novelty product for the purposes of pranks and urine fetishes. It is also a product that an alarming number of drug users, many of who are in safety sensitive positions to the public, use to substitute in the place of their actual urine for the purposes of passing a drug test.

Who sells Synthetic Urine?

There is an entire industry whose sole reason for existence seems only to serve as an antithesis to our drug testing industry.

It is purchased from the internet, smoke shops, sex stores, and even sold at some convenience stores. Most synthetic urine brands come premixed with the   creatinine values, specific gravity, and pH levels that will pass laboratory urine validity test(s) and even some brands state that animal urine or repellent is added for a more “realistic appeal.”

4 year Research Results

Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services have been developing a synthetic urine recognition class specifically for collectors during the actual collection process.  Within this time, the number of donors caught using synthetic urine has been a WAKEUP CALL for our industry and the companies that we help.

Training Collectors?

Unless more collectors show the initiative to take action,   it does not matter how well a collector understands the collection procedures of DOT  49 CFR Part 40 , drug users are going to continue passing their urine  drug test. Saliva testing shows a higher positive rate than urine because of the limited adulteration method.

If you as a collector desire to become one of the few and elite with the ability to stop donors from cheating on their drug test then call the training department at DATCS.

 Become one of the best collectors by the recognition of synthetic urine. 

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