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Midland/Odessa Region

Midland/Odessa Region Testing Professionals

DATCS has long been committed to providing the highest level of customer service and care to our clients, ensuring accurate and timely screening to fit your needs.  We have helped countless businesses save operational costs and ensure a safe and clean workplace environment.  Our services are wide and varied and include:

Drug Screening and Testing:  Offering a full range of testing types including hair, urine, fluid, and nails; DATCS has the experience needed to fit your business needs.  With clients that range from workplace safety, to DOT, to education environments, trust in our customer service commitment and accurate results for a safe and healthy work and school environment.

Alcohol Testing Services:  We understand the importance of the safety of your employees and schools.  Alcohol related incidents are a major factor in workplace accidents and fatalities, and we have the testing experience to help.  Fluid and breath tests offer our clients the peace of mind to run their business with their employee’s safety top of mind.

Onsite Testing:  DATCS works with clients to offer effective on-site treatment options to fit their needs. Our extensive mobile testing and emergency testing capacity is the ideal fit for anyone looking for fast and reliable service.  We can offer DOT, hair, breath, nail, and saliva testing by coming right to you.

Additional Services: Outside of our extensive testing capacity, DATCS can provide a wide array of additional services to the Midland/Odessa region and surrounding areas. Our services include DOT-specific testing needs, DNA and court-ordered testing, background check services for business, and a wealth of training courses and direct support. Contact DATCS for any of your testing and employment, and education support needs.

Services We Offer

Drug & Alcohol Testing 

Urine, hair, nail, saliva, and breath testing.

24/7 Onsite Testing 

24/7 mobile testing onsite for non-emergency and emergency situations.

Background Checks

Criminal and DOT background checks.

DNA Testing

Court admissible and informational DNA testing.

Court-Ordered Testing 

Testing for divorces, child custody, DUI and other reasons.

DOT Compliance 

Audit assistance and record management.

School Testing 

Student testing and drug education.

Training Courses 

Supervisor, DER and Collector training.

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