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Criminal Background Check Longview TX: Keep Your Workplace Safe and Drug-Free

criminal background check longview txDo you own a business in Texas?  Do you need to conduct drug and alcohol testing for your employees?  Do you need to have a criminal background check Longview TX conducted on a potential employee?  If so, then you need to call us at Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services at 903-500-2770.  We service many areas of Texas including Texarkana, TX and Texarkana, AR.  Our collectors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency or scheduled on-site testing.  If you need a criminal background check Longview TX, we will conduct a thorough and speedy check on any employees you are considering hiring.  Keep your workplace safe and drug-free.  Visit our website at to learn more about our services. [osky-citation keyword='criminal background check longview tx']
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DNA PATERNITY TESTING is legally binding and court admissible. No appointment needed, Accredited Laboratory, Forensic Quality.
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Why Perform A Criminal Background Check Wichita Falls TX?

criminal background check wichita falls txA criminal background check Wichita Falls TX is the process used to compile all the criminal records that a person has accumulated in their life. Often employers request these background checks before they agree to hire an employee. Employers usually do this so they can safeguard their own financial interests, and to honestly tell their clients that all of the employees who will be dealing with their private information have no relevant criminal history. These background checks are also used to verify that the information an individual has submitted as part of their application is correct. Often employers might not care as much that a person had a criminal history as they care that a person was willing to disclose that information. These background checks can include a wide variety of information, including: polygraph testing, military records, medical, mental and physiological records, licensing records, financial records, employment records, education records, driving...
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MRO Tyler TX: How Important Is A Medical Review Officer?

mro tyler txIf you own a business, you know how important it is for you and your employees to practice safe work habits and to maintain a safe work environment.  Substance abuse on the job can be a threat to both safety and productivity and as a business owner it is something you must pay attention to.  To help you test and monitor new and current employees you should consider working with a professional drug testing company with a on-staff Medical Review Officer (MRO).  An MRO Tyler TX is a licensed medical doctor with special training in substance abuse testing.  He or she is responsible for receiving and reviewing lab results that are generated by an employer’s drug testing program.  Why is this important? ▪  An MRO is impartial advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug-testing process with a knowledge of the protocol of drug testing including maintaining chain-of-custody documentation for...
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DOT Medical Exam and Commercial Motor Vehicle Certification

About the Exam A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination is conducted by a licensed "medical examiner." The term includes, but is not limited to, doctors of medicine (MD), doctors of osteopathy (DO), physician assistants (PA), advanced practice nurses (APN), and doctors of chiropractic (DC).
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  What are its short term effects? Short term effects include loss of control, lack of pain response, increased agitation, pale skin, seizures, vomiting, profuse sweating, uncontrolled / spastic body movements, elevated blood pressure, heart rate and palpitations. The onset of this drug is 3-5 minutes, and the duration of the high is 1-8 hours. In addition to physical signs of use, users may experience: dysphoria, severe paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and increased agitation. What are its long term effects? Unknown
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DNA Testing Texas: Trust The Best

 dna testing texasWhen you need DNA testing Texas, you want to know that the people testing your samples will go the extra miles to get the results done quickly, efficiently and correctly.  You can trust DATCS.  We’ve been providing this service for many years for both professional and personal clients.  Whether you need it for court documents, paternity testing or personal reasons, we will get you the results you need in a format that will help you understand them.  Call us today or visit us online at to learn more about how we can help with all your DNA testing Texas needs. [osky-citation keyword= 'DNA testing Texas']  
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MRO Shreveport LA: Results You Can Trust

mro shreveport laWhen you need drug testing done for current or potential employees, you want to know that you can trust the results you receive.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than meeting with employees or potential employees to tell them of a positive test result and what that means for their job or potential job.  In order to prevent this, you want to have a company who goes the extra mile.  One who employs a MRO Shreveport LA who has the knowledge base to give you accurate results and sort out the medication interactions etc. that may affect the outcome.  DATCS does this extra measure so you can trust the results we give.  Call us today! [osky-citation keyword= 'MRO Shreveport LA']  
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The Medical and Legal Benefits of DNA Paternity Testing Louisiana

Contrary to popular belief, DNA paternity testing Louisiana is important for more than just verifying who the father of a child is. We see paternity testing all the time on television, but never do people talk about what happens after receiving the results of a DNA test, or what can be done with those results. It is important for a person to understand the process of DNA analysis so they know what’s going on, and it is also important for that person to know what can be done with the DNA results once they have them. Paternity testing is a method of DNA testing designed to show whether or not someone is the father of a child. In order to determine this, DNA paternity testing Louisiana takes DNA samples both from the child in question and from the child’s alleged father. The DNA strands of the two samples are then split...
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Understand the Basics of DNA Testing Louisiana

DNA testing Louisiana is actually a relatively straightforward process. Because of the many crime dramas on television, most people consider themselves familiar with what is needed for the collection of a DNA sample, but the rest of the analytical process is something we don’t usually see. We understand that the DNA test leads to a comparison with another DNA sample, but how those samples are compared is usually beyond our experience. Because of our lack of familiarity with the entire DNA analysis process, handing over a DNA sample can seem intimidating. But by understanding the steps that lead from DNA extraction to DNA results you can be more comfortable with relying on a DNA test. Since DNA is the most basic component of every individual, it can be taken from almost anywhere on a person’s body. However, there are certain parts of the body that more easily provide a large...
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Drug Testing Bossier City LA: What You Need To Know

drug testing bossier city la When you have employees or potential employees, having drug testing Bossier City LA is a good thing.  You want to know if you are hiring or employee persons who could be harmful to themselves, their fellow employees, the company or those they come into contact with.  No matter what type of drug testing Bossier City LA you need, DATCS can help.  We know the regulations for each state and how to perform the tests correctly to get the best results.  We also have an MRO on staff to help you sort through the results.  Whatever type of testing you want done, DATCS is the place to turn.  With our offices located in Bossier City, we are right where you are.  Call today! [osky-citation keyword= 'drug testing Bossier City LA']
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Criminal Background Check Longview TX: Know What To Look For

criminal background check longview tx When you need a company to handle your criminal background check Longview TX, do you know who to call?  DATCS is your resource for all types of testing.  We can do regional or nationwide searches for criminal history on potential employees at your workplace.  We’ve been handling all types of testing for our customers for years and know how to handle the laws for each state regarding what can and can’t be done.  When you need the best for a criminal background check Longview TX, you need to call DATCS at (903) 500-2770.  You can also visit us online to learn more at   [osky-citation keyword= 'criminal background check Longview TX']
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MRO Wichita Falls TX: Get Professional Drug Testing In The Wichita Falls Area

mro wichita falls tx Are you a business owner or manager who needs to conduct workplace drug testing in the Wichita Falls, TX and Texarkana, TX/Texarkana, AR area? Are you looking for a testing company with an MRO Wichita Falls TX? Then call DATCS today. We have a Medical Review Officer on staff who reviews and interprets tests and recommends actions to be taken in workplace drug testing cases. Our MRO Wichita Falls TX is not only knowledgeable about controlled and other substances, he or she plays a vital role in the testing process. For guaranteed accurate results, call DATCS today at 940-400-2779 or visit our website at to see which services we offer. [osky-citation keyword= 'mro wichita falls tx']
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The Basics of Drug Testing Tyler TX

Between television shows and news broadcasts, almost everyone understands the basic purpose of drug testing Tyler TX. Most people know that drug testing involves taking a biological sample—usually blood or urine—and analyzing it to determine if drugs are present in the system of the person being tested. However, most people don’t understand more about the process than these basics. Often people don’t understand what samples need to be taken, or how they need to be taken, or what the test is actually attempting to show. If someone understands the basics of a drug test they will be able to choose which kind of drug test would work best for their needs. Testing samples can come from a wide variety of biological specimens. These specimens include things like urine, blood, hair, sweat, saliva, and breath air. Different kinds of drug tests work best at detecting different kinds of drugs. The most common...
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Know Who You're Hiring With A Criminal Background Check Wichita Falls TX

It's an unsettling trend, but one that employers can't ignore. The number of young adults in America who get arrested has grown over the years, with ABC News reporting the numbers to be around 41 percent by age 23. Those aren't traffic violations, either. They could be anything from disturbing the peace to a violent crime. Because these are the people who are or will at some time be seeking employment, businesses and hiring managers need to consider a criminal background check Wichita Falls TX for each and every applicant who brings in a resume. The fact that the numbers cover a wide range of crimes shouldn't detract from the seriousness of finding out whom you are hiring. The Huffington Post clarifies that the majority of arrests in 2011 were drug-related, and not necessarily violent. Knowing the background of prospective employees often includes a drug test alongside a criminal background...
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What is the Role in Drug Testing for the MRO Bossier City LA?

MRO Bossier City LA at the DATCS facility, stands for Medical Review Officer.  This person is the one to review and interpret the lab results that are obtained through our testing program.  Each drug test that is performed  for the Department of Transportation is required by law to be reviewed by a medical review officer. It is highly recommended that employers in Bossier City, LA, use an MRO for all drug testing. The MRO is a licensed physician that requires specific training and certification. They must train and certify and then retrain and recertify every five years ( They must have additional technical knowledge and an understanding of economic and legal issues surrounding such testing. He or she must have knowledge of substance abuse disorders and have medical training to interpret and objectively evaluate positive test results considering medical history and other appropriate medical information. The part played by the...
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MRO Longview TX: Who is Subject to DOT Testing?

Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing is federally-mandated and regulated drug testing of workers in safety-sensitive areas of public and private transportation. Congress passed the Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act of 1991 that was designed the insure the safety of the traveling public and of transportation employees. The DOT Compliance Department at MRO Longview TX helps companies and organizations determine whether or not they are required to conduct drug testing of their employees in these safety-sensitive areas: Motor carriers (DOT agency - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Air carriers or operators and some contract air traffic controllers (DOT agency - Federal Aviation Administration) Rail (DOT agency - Federal Railroad Administration) Public transportation (DOT agency - Federal Transit Administration) Pipeline facilities operators and contractors (DOT agency - Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) Maritime (DOT agency - US Coast Guard) Within these agencies, employees will be subject to pre-employment testing, random testing,...
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Criminal Background Check Tyler TX: Why They Are Important

Often, employers request background checks for potential job candidates meant for screening for new employees. In Texarkana, TX and Texarkana, AR, background checks are often conducted by an agency from the government for a small fee, but are sometimes administered by companies that are private. These background checks can sometimes be expensive depending on the information requested. Background check results often include credit history, criminal history, and employment verification. These background checks are used to judge a job candidate's character, past mistakes, and risks. DATCS offers employment Criminal Background Checks in Tyler, TX to ease your mind. Often illegal background checks can advance to negative consequences for you the employer. Generally, it’s alright to require a background check for a job applicant, as long as it’s done according to the laws where your business is located. DATCS, one of the best criminal background check Tyler TX companies, will be sure to conduct...
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DNA Testing Wichita Falls TX: Reasons it May Be Beneficial For You

Perhaps one of the hardest things to deal with in life is uncertainty. Whether you are dealing with questions about work, schooling, or relationships with others, it is comforting to be “in the know.” At our DNA testing Wichita Falls TX facility, we can provide answers to difficult, often-overwhelming questions individuals would otherwise be forced to struggle with for years to come. One of our aims is to help clarify connections between individuals and families through the truth in every circumstance. So the question is: Are you in a situation where you may benefit from DNA testing Wichita Falls TX? There are several reasons an individual may request testing services. The most well-known is the paternity test. If a couple, or if the potential father, feels that a child may not actually be his biologically, a test can be done to bring light to the situation. This allows for the couple...
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K-2 Crackdown

An industry leader in U.S. for DOT compliance services, DOT regulated testing, personal drug and alcohol testing, background checks, court ordered tests, and DNA Testing In Texas. Lots of changes have happened locally with the designer drug, K-2. Law enforcement is cracking down on the many cases of reports of use resulting in medical attention. Learn about some the media reports of synthetic Cannabinoid usage and the dangers that goes along with it. To Learn More about Drug Testing you can Contact us at: Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services450 E. Loop 281, Ste. C-2Longview, Texas 75605(903) 234-1136 Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services4807 Old Jacksonville HwyTyler, TX 75703(903) 534-3893 Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services2207 Brook @ Kell, Ste. BWichita Falls, Texas 76301(940) 264-8805 Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services1701 Old Minden Rd, Suite 14CBossier City, Louisiana 71111(318) 212-1125
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