DATCS Drug Testing Texarkana AR: The Necessary Step To Protect Your Business

Drug Testing Texarkana AR As a business owner it is your responsibility to know who you have employed. With DATCS and our Drug Testing Texarkana AR services we can help protect your business, customers and other employees. If you don’t already have a testing policy enforced, we can help plan and implement one today. These types of policies set a precedence for not only your current employees, but also future ones while weeding out potential problems. Having an employee who uses drugs can be a risk to everyone they are around, including your business. Take charge and start preventing unnecessary risks to your business with employee Drug Testing Texarkana AR.  To get started call your experts at DATCS today at 903-500-2770. [osky-citation keyword='Drug Testing Texarkana AR'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/ cozyta
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DATCS DNA Testing Texarkana TX: Results You Can Count On

DNA Testing Texarkana TX If you have fears or doubts in regards to paternity, trust your experts at DATCS. With our DNA Testing Texarkana TX services you will get the results you need to put your doubts to rest. All of our testing is administered by trained professionals who collect, record and reported in a detailed step by step process resulting in accurate results. If need be, these results can be used in court for a custody case or for any other legal matter you might need them for. Don’t trust your DNA Testing Texarkana TX needs to anyone, trust the best. At DATCS we have the know how to deliver results you can count on.  Call us today for more information on our testing. 903-500-2770. [osky-citation keyword= 'DNA Testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/ chepko
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CDC : Heroin Deaths Quadruple Nationally

Americans in 28 states are increasingly dying from the addictive grips of opioid pain relievers and Heroin. Now, drug overdose deaths have moved to the top cause of injury death in the United States. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report Oct. 3 2014 that analyzed the deaths of about half of the United States population during 1999-2012. Since the initial research in 1999, overdose deaths from opioid pain relievers, such as codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, methadone, morphine, and oxycodone, have quadrupled. Heroin, which is an opiate synthesized from morphine, has contributed to a 50 percent increase of overdose deaths during 1999-2012. Heroin overdose deaths are rising amongst genders, all age groups, regions and ethnic groups, excluding American Indians/ Native Americans, according to CDC. The Northeast and South experienced heroin overdose death increases of 211.2 percent and 180.9 percent, respectively. In the Midwest and West, there were increases of 62.1...
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DNA Testing Texarkana AR: No Matter Why We Can Help

DNA Testing Texarkana AR It doesn’t matter why you need DNA testing in Texarkana AR, you want to know that the test results you get are accurate.  In order to be sure your getting what you need from your DNA testing in Texarkana AR, you need to use a company who specializes in reliable and complete testing information. If you are needing it for custody information we provide you with a report that is admissible in court.   Call DATCS today at (318) 678-5568 to schedule your appointment or visit us online to learn more at www.datet.com.  We’ll give you the results you need in a format that will be complete.  Trust the best with your testing needs, trust DATCS. [osky-citation keyword= 'DNA Testing Texarkana AR'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/  Wavebreakmedia
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Drug Testing In Texarkana TX: Get Help With Your Company’s Drug Testing

Drug testing Texarkana TX If you own a business that has a policy for drug testing in Texarkana TX, your policy should be put in writing so that all of your current and future employees can read it.  If you’re having trouble figuring out how to do that, call us at DATCS.  Not only can we help you to put your policy for drug testing in Texarkana TX into writing but we can offer you a place and staff to do the actual drug testing for you.  We conduct tests using urine, hair, saliva or anything else you want and we offer reliable 24/7 service.  Call us at DATCS at (318) 678-5568 or visit us online at www.datet.com. [osky-citation keyword='Drug testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/  a n g e l l o d e c o
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How to Verify That Your DNA testing Texarkana AR Will Stand Up in Court

DNA Testing Texarkana ARDNA testing Texarkana AR is one of the most practical ways available to verify the paternity of a child. Through verifying this paternity the parents will be able to establish custody, affirm child support, and utilize the DNA results for a whole variety of personal reasons. No matter the purpose behind an individual’s decision to seek out DNA testing to affirm a person’s genetic lineage, it can be a valuable tool. However, often people realize that while DNA testing might be of some use to them, they don’t realize what standard the DNA testing must meet to actually be admissible in court. When the DNA testing does not meet this standard, then the court will not allow the DNA evidence to be used as evidence and it will have no power to influence the court. In order to ensure that your DNA testing Texarkana AR will actually meet the standard that...
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Drug Testing In Texarkana TX: 5 Steps To Developing A Drug-Testing Policy

Drug testing Texarkana TX If you are a business owner and you’re considering using drug testing in Texarkana TX to monitor your employees’ drug use, you need to set up a drug-testing policy for your business.  Why is this important?  Because you will be setting yourself and your business up for possible legal action if you don’t have a written policy that states up front what you expect from your employees and the criteria for drug testing, among other things.  What are the steps you should take to accomplish this?  Work with a great drug test provider.  When you work with a drug test provider you can trust to carry out drug testing in Texarkana TX carefully and with fool-proof results, you will ensure that questions about the drug testing procedure itself will be minimized.  In addition, a great test provider may also help you to set up your drug testing policy.  Many providers offer...
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DATCS DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR: Results You Can Trust

DNA paternity testing Texarkana AR If you are in need of DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR, use a testing center that will deliver results you can trust. At DATCS our test results are collected by trained professionals and properly documented, allowing them to be used in court if the need be. The test is a simple process requiring the father in question and child. We take pride in delivering professional and accurate DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR.  Don’t put off resolving your paternity doubts any longer, trust an expert for your testing. At DATCS we will deliver results you can trust!  For more information call us today at 318-678-5568. [osky-citation keyword= "DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR"] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/ Kostia777
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DNA Paternity Testing In Texarkana AR: Top 5 Reasons For A Paternity Test

DNA paternity testing Texarkana ARToday’s DNA paternity testing in Texarkana AR provides us with a level of accuracy in determining paternity that wasn’t possible before.  In the past, the paternity of a child was based on a variety of factors - personal statements, circumstantial evidence and blood tests - none of which were conclusive.  Personal statements can be flawed and are often based on emotions rather than facts.  Blood testing can be used to rule out paternity when the child’s and suspected father’s blood types are inconsistent; but it can never be used to prove paternity.  As much as 50% of all men can have a blood type that is consistent with that of any given child. By comparison, DNA paternity testing in Texarkana AR can rule out 99.9999% of men, which makes DNA testing extremely accurate and the gold standard for determining paternity.  That’s why so many people turn to DNA testing for a...
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Hair Drug Test In Texarkana TX: Learn About Your Employees’ Drug History

Hair drug test Texarkana TX How much do you know about the different methods of drug testing?  Did you know you can now have a hair drug test in Texarkana TX?  Unlike other types of drug testing, testing a sample of hair lets you see what the person you’re testing has been up to for the last 3 months.  When you call us at DATCS in Texarkana, we can help you by tailoring drug tests to your business’s needs, no matter what they are.  Visit us online at www.datet.com to learn more about a hair drug test in Texarkana TX and all of our other drug testing services.   Call us at (318) 678-5568 for assistance. [osky-citation keyword='Hair drug test Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/ m o t o r o l k a
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A Safe New Year is a Happy New Year

NEW YEAR BLOG PHOTOAs the clock strikes midnight, the year 2015 will finally be among us. The thrill of a new year brings excitement for some and a severe lack of sound judgment for others. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in 2011 Texas had the most drunk driving fatalities nationwide. During 2012, drinking-related deaths rose by seven percent to 1,296. Unfortunately, drunk driving increases during holidays because of parties and other social events. New Year’s Eve and Day has become the most dangerous time to be on roadways.To combat this problem, MADD is preparing to implement ignition interlocks for those convicted of drinking under the influence. In addition to that, MADD wants to legalize the option of sobriety checkpoints. Keep you and others safe this holiday by abstaining from drinking and driving completely. Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services wishes you and yours a safe and happy New Year’s. By Alex Byrd
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Background Checks In Texarkana AR: Know Who’s Working For You

Background checks Texarkana ARYou can’t afford to hire the wrong person.  When you conduct background checks in Texarkana AR, you can be sure that the people you’re considering employing don’t have a criminal background.  No matter how big or small your business is, it’s important for protect your assets, your employees and your customers.  When you call DATCS, you’ll get expert help in conducting background checks in Texarkana AR that are both thorough and quick.  Don’t wait until it’s too late and you suspect you’ve hired someone with a criminal past; call DATCS at 318-678-5568 or visit www.datet.com to learn more about our services. [osky-citation keyword='Background checks Texarkana AR'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/ a l e x s k o p j e
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Protect Your Company with Background Checks in Texarkana AR

Background checks Texarkana ARThese days, getting background checks on potential employees is more important than ever. Stealing identities, committing cyber crimes and hiding questionable pasts is easier than it’s ever been, and because of this, background checks are vital. And with the help of DATCS (Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services), background checks in Texarkana AR are simple. Of course, every person you interview isn’t guilty of identity theft, shoplifting, or other criminal history. However, it never hurts to be careful, and here’s why: Keep the Office Safe You want everyone in your company to feel safe when they are at work. A background check should bring up any history of sexual harassment or assault cases, along with battery, corporate fraud or other items that could affect whether or not you feel safe with this person in your office. With a background check, you can know these things before you hire. Everyone in the...
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Background Checks in Texarkana TX Provide Safety and Security

Background checks Texarkana TXBackground checks in Texarkana TX and elsewhere are now more common place. The moral fabric of our values is beginning to unravel. It is not as strong as it once was. There was a time when a handshake was enough to form a trust. Your word could form a bond. Unfortunately that is not the same today. Background checks in Texarkana TX are used for a number of different reasons. Most background checks are job related. Security and safety have brought the need for a background check into perspective. The employer uses the information that is found in not just hiring but in promoting. There are various reasons why background checks are on the rise. A business is liable for what an employee does. A business has a financial investment at stake and their reputation could be marred by the actions of an employee. A background check gives a business owner...
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Background Checks Texarkana TX: Know Who You're Hiring

Background checks Texarkana TXWhen you begin the process of hiring a new employee, you want to make sure the basics are all covered.  Unfortunately, many potential employees won’t tell you the whole story about their background and their past.  That’s why it’s imperative that you as a business owner or manager make sure that you include background checks in Texarkana TX for your business.  We can take care of all your testing needs whether you want a full scale check or a simpler one to make sure they are who they say they are.  At DATCS, we take pride in helping you know who you’re hiring!   Call us today to get started at 318-678-5568. [osky-citation keyword= 'Background Checks Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit: Deposit Photos @ t i m b r k
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Drug Testing Texarkana AR: Have a Great Policy in Place

Drug testing Texarkana ARWhen you own or manage a company, you need to have a great policy in place for all your drug testing needs.  It needs to be in a written form so that potential and current employees know how things will be handled when it comes to drug testing in Texarkana AR.  This needs to include provisions for all types of instances including pre-employment, accident testing, just cause testing and back to work testing.  If you need help getting a policy in place, DATCS can help you formulate that and also help with the testing.   Call us today to get more information and let us help you make your business more solid by having a policy in place that covers all bases.  Our phone number is (318) 678-5568. [osky-citation keyword= 'Drug Testing Texarkana AR']Photo Credit: Deposit Photos @ A m a v i a e l
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Drug Testing In Texarkana TX: Get Quick And Accurate Drug Testing

Drug testing Texarkana TX Are you looking for drug testing in Texarkana TX for personal or business reasons?  If so, then you need Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services.  At DATCS, we have a quick turn-around time for test results plus we offer several testing methods including urine, hair, nail, oral fluid and point-of-care.   Not only is our testing quick but it’s also accurate with results you can rely on.  If it’s alcohol testing or testing for the U.S. Department of Transportation you need, we can do that too.  The best company to choose for your drug testing in Texarkana TX is DATCS.   Call us at 318-678-5568 and visit www.datet.com to learn more. [osky-citation keyword='Drug testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  ©Depositphotos.com/ p e j o
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Drug Testing In Texarkana AR: Why Your Business Needs A Testing Policy

Drug testing  Texarkana ARUnless your business falls under the U.S. Department of Transportation, there is no federal mandate for drug testing for your business.  That’s why it’s extremely important for you to set up a drug- and alcohol-testing policy for your employees.  AT DATCS, Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Services, we not only do drug testing in Texarkana AR, we can also help you to develop a drug- and alcohol-testing policy that will protect you and your business. Why implement a testing policy?   Having a written policy in place means consistent treatment of all employees, which can eliminate or reduce any litigation you might be subject to if an employee feels they’ve been singled out for drug or alcohol testing or if they feel they’ve been unfairly terminated because of a failed drug test.   A drug- and alcohol-testing policy also encourages your employees to remain drug-free, which creates a safer workplace for your customers...
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Criminal Background Check In Shreveport, LA: Know Who’s Working For You

Criminal background check Shreveport LAIn a tough job market, prospective employees don’t always tell the truth on their employment applications when it comes to their criminal backgrounds.  They count on employers to be too busy, unwilling or unable to conduct any kind of background checks.  That’s why, as an employer, you need help conducting a criminal background check in Shreveport, LA for each person you want to hire.  Among the benefits of hiring a third party are:   Improved applicant pool quality.  When you’ve weeded out all of the undesirable applicants, you create a pool of potential employees who are not only qualified for the positions they’ve applied for, but are also free of any kind of criminal background.   Improved security and safety.  Your employees’ and customers’ safety and security will be better protected when you know who you’re hiring and what they’ve done in the past.  You’ll be less likely to have a...
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What Employer’s Need to Know about the FCRA

Background CheckEmployers should be aware and understand their requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) before requesting and obtaining consumer reports. The name of the act “FCRA” is a misinterpretation. The word “Credit” in FCRA should be replaced with “Consumer” to accurately portray the language in the act. “Consumers” are individuals, better known to employers as employees and applicants. The FCRA was originally enacted to allow fair and accurate consumer reports to the banking system but later included language to cover other reasons such as employment and tenant screening. The FCRA limits negative information that can be reported based on the date of the offense and salary of the employee. Criminal cases ending in convictions (guilty cases) have no limit on how long they can be reported. Non-conviction criminal cases (dismissals, acquittals, etc.) are reportable within 7 years of the offense unless the applicant is expected to make less than $75K...
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