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DATCS Interviews a Recovering Meth Addict

Could you describe the circumstances that led you to trying meth in the 1st place? I was in the middle of a divorce, and I was up for anything…different.  My husband had left me, I was 19 years old and I was devastated.  I was living in my house by myself so I started spending more time with my girlfriends. They were all into meth but I didn’t know it at first.  But I did notice they could stay up all night when I could only make it to 2 am.  This is when they were all drinking (alcohol) as well.  They used to all whisper to each other and go to the bathroom together which I thought was odd.  When my ex and I used to go to parties with these friends they kept it from me because they thought I was a goody two shoes.  So your friends introduced...
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Criminal Background Check Bossier City LA: Why Your Company Should Consider a Pre-Employment Test

Have you recently begun thinking that a background criminal background check Bossier City LA for each of the applicants at your company may be a good idea? Sometimes having this done does not even cross the mind of an employer until he or she has to deal with a less-than-honest employee. However, as soon as a problem does occur, the employer quickly realizes just how vital these checks can be. If you are in charge of the hiring process at your company, there is no reason to simply take what is written on an applicant’s resume as fact. In many cases, the embellishments or omissions may be detrimental to your business’s success, should a dishonest employee choose to wreak havoc for your company. Again, things may not always be how they seem. For example, did you know that 2 million employees in America are victims of workplace violence each year? Or...
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Employee Drug Testing Longview TX: A Smart Move For Your Business

Drug testing for your Longview TX business is one of the best things you can do to protect both yourself and your employees. Whether your company is big or small, you likely work with employees on a regular basis. Good employees help you keep the business moving in the right direction, allowing for all of the simple and complex jobs to be accomplished from day to day. Responsible, determined employees are a great asset to the company, while those who tend to become lazy or unreliable make your job much harder. Because good employees are vital to any company, the owner or manager must take certain measures to ensure that they show up each day willing and ready to work. They need to be able to handle any tasks or complications that may arise. One of the best ways to monitor employees is through regular drug testing Longview TX. Consider the...
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Signing Up for Easy Drug Testing Tyler Texas

Drug testing has been around for years, and for good reason. Courts, law enforcement agencies, business owners, and schools require drug testing to ensure safety and consistency. There are many places to turn for drug and alcohol tests, but DATCS is the best in Texas and Louisiana. When Are Drug Tests Required? Employers and business owners often require job applicants and new employees to take drug and alcohol tests. Courts also require drug or alcohol tests to prove a point in a legal case. For example, if a person is accused of drunk driving or intoxicated driving and is pleading not guilty, drug or alcohol testing at the time of the accident may be required. Tests may also be required on the spot at the time of arrest. The accuracy of drug testing Tyler Texas surprises some people. People figure if they are clean and drug-free for a few days or...
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Stay Protected with Louisiana Background Checks

It would be nice if the world was a safe place and everyone would be honest. It would be great to leave our car running or our wallets unattended for a minute or two in public. Unfortunately, that is just not the world we live in. In this day and age, it never hurts to be careful because you never know who may be lurking around the next corner. You never know who is hiding a dark and dangerous past. That is why business owners should always require Louisiana background checks for their employees and potential hires. Louisiana background checks aren’t foolproof, and they may not keep every single crazy from slipping through the cracks. However, if a job applicant has a hidden past, especially a criminal one, a background check can help bring that to light. If They Refuse Generally speaking, people with nothing to hide shouldn’t have a problem...
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K 2 Synthetic Marijuana - Cheap High | Parent Zone

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How to Get a Background Check Louisiana

It is common for companies to require background checks of job applicants and new employees. Background checks are a way for business owners to know they are hiring honest and trustworthy people. If job applicants are honest about their history, whether or not they have a criminal past, they are more likely to be hired. Problems arise when there are discrepancies between what applicants claim to be truth and what the background check Louisiana documents say. Business owners should be cautious when hiring new employees. While we would like to trust every stranger that walks in the door, it just isn’t possible in this day and age. It is easier than ever for dishonest people to fabricate every detail of their lives, from work history to family background. That is why many hiring committees and human resource departments require a background check Louisiana for every new employee or serious job applicant....
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Verifying An Applicant’s Credentials Through a Background Check TX

Hiring new employees for your company is often anything but simple. There are stacks of resumes to read, appointments to set up, and applicants to interview. Then comes the difficult decision of what applicants to hire. You may see several individuals who seem to have strong educational backgrounds. Or perhaps they have several years of work experience behind them. These often make the best potential employees. However, you may ask yourself if these applicants are really as hire-ready for your company as they seem to be. Getting a background check TX is the answer. Many employers think a background check is simply meant to check for criminal activity in the past. But this is only one type of check. Perhaps you are concerned with your applicants’ credentials and if they are, in fact, valid. If this is the case, you can get a verifications check. What exactly is a verifications check?...
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"Pump It Powder" The new bath salts

  Pump It Powder is a new drug that is getting negative attention among drug treatment, law enforcement, and school personnel. The designer drug, reported to be similar to amphetamines, has been seen as a replacement for the drugs known as Dragonfly, Glass Cleaner, Spice, K2, and Bath Salts. Because the ingredients are sold under the indication of being a plant vitamin and clearly labeled as "not for human consumption," they are once again creating a new craze among teenagers and people in their 20's who prefer designer drugs over the ones made halfway around the world and smuggled in unique ways into the US. The Pump It Powder drug, given that it is similar to amphetamines, can create anxiety, heart palpitations, and other adrenal problems that can throw off your metabolism. In the same way that over the counter drugs can have bad effects in some people, taking Pump It...
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Should You Conduct A Louisiana Criminal Background Check For Employees?

Growing your business is a wonderful experience, but as business increases you will likely need to start hiring (or hire more) employees. You want an employee you can trust and someone that is perfect for the job at hand. Getting supplemental information on each applicant with a Louisiana criminal background check can really help you make the best informed decision on who to hire. Yes, your employment application may include “the box.” We all know that box. “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” A common mistake in hiring is immediately discriminating against candidates that have checked this box. Conducting a Louisiana criminal background check will give you a much broader look at every candidate and insight into their personality and integrity. It’s better to gauge a person’s whole application, including education and experience. In the long run, it’s really best to look at a broad spectrum of information on...
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Why Companies Want Criminal Background Checks

Texas Criminal Background ChecksThese days, most employers want information on potential employees before they are hired. And a resume with references isn’t enough. Many companies want to run criminal background checks on applicants before they are hired. Why Run Texas Criminal Background Checks?There are many reasons employers want to run Texas criminal background checks on job applicants. 1. Safety All CEO’s and business owners want their places of business to be safe. If a potential hire has a history of violence, the boss has a right to know. It is especially important to run Texas criminal background checks and look for the following offenses: Battery Abuse Weapon violence Stalking Theft A boss may also want to know if a potential employee has a history of these: Financial indiscretions Identity theft These are just a few offenses that show up on a background check. And while the potential employee/offender may think sharing this information is...
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Reduce Risky Behavior in Your Children -3

                      3.  KNOW YOUR CHILD’S RISK LEVEL Several decades of research shows that some teens are more at risk for developing a substance abuse problem than other teens. The more risk factors a teen has, the more likely he or she will abuse drugs or alcohol.  Common Risk Factors Associated with Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse: --Family History:  If family members abuse alcohol, your child may have inherited the gene that puts them at risk.  This does not mean your child will certainly become dependent on drugs or alcohol. --Mental or Behavioral Disorder:  Those children with psychiatric disorders, such as ADHD, depression and anxiety are at more risk. --Trauma:  Children that are the victims of physical or sexual abuse, and those who witness traumatic events have shown to be more at risk.  --Impulse Control Problems:  Lack of control of impulses and...
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REPORT: DEA sees rise in abuse of prescription drugs, K2 use

                      Reagan RoyNov 19, 2013 12:16 p.m. WASHINGTON, D.C. (KETK) -- The 2013 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA) Summary addresses emerging developments related to the trafficking and use of primary illicit substances of abuse and the nonmedical use of controlled prescription drugs (CPDs). In the preparation of this report, DEA intelligence analysts considered quantitative data from various sources (seizures, investigations, arrests, drug purity or potency, and drug prices; law enforcement surveys; laboratory analysis; and interagency production and cultivation estimates) and qualitative information (subjective views of individual agencies on drug availability, information on smuggling and transportation trends, and indicators of changes in smuggling and transportation methods). The 2013 NDTA factors in information provided by 1,307 state and local law enforcement agencies through the 2013 National Drug Threat Survey (NDTS). NDTS data used in this report do not imply that there is only...
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You Might Be Surprised At What DNA Test In Texas Say About You

DNA Test TexasWe are all unique, we have certain qualities that set us us apart and yet on the other hand there are ways to connect us. DNA test Texas can tell us about uniqueness, connections, and so much more. It isn’t just about hunches anymore, DNA test can get to the bottom of things with scientific facts. DNA is different in each being but it always keeps certain properties. Interest in knowing more about our ancestors has increased in the past 30 years. Family research is a big deal to many Americans and people all over the world. Most of us could be called a conglomerate, we are made up of many different intertwined fibers from different ethnic sources. There are tests that can trace our ethnicity. It has long since been a source for locating family members, bringing together siblings, and finding birth parents. DNA says so much about us but...
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 2.  BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL WHEN IT COMES TO DRINKING, TAKING MEDICINE & HANDLING STRESS Research shows that when it comes to alcohol and other drugs, children are likely to model their parents’ behaviors—both healthy and unhealthy ones. A parent’s attitude about drugs and alcohol can influence their children’s behavior.  Here are three ways you can be a good role model. Do not become intoxicated in front of your children. Do not save prescription medications to be used later without a doctor’s consent and do not share your medications with others (that is a criminal offense). Do not use alcohol as a coping mechanism or to relieve stress.  (Example: Saying to your kids, “I had a rough day – I need a few beers or a joint to relax.”)   This and other information is available at:
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DNA Testing Texas and Worldwide Continues to Solve Important Mysteries

DNA Testing TexasAt DATCS, we provide the best DNA testing services in Texas. And whenever we see a news story about a person who has benefited from DNA testing in Texas or anywhere else in the world, we like to share it. At the beginning of last month, just such a case began to unfold. It began when Greek Hellenic police found the little girl Maria and charged her caregivers with abduction. This case sparked interest all over the world, causing the charity Smile of the Child to receive over 10,000 calls concerning Maria, from people wanting her real parents to be found. At the end of last month, the search for Maria’s biological parents ended, thanks to the help of DNA testing. It has been discovered that Maria’s true parents are a Bulgarian couple named Sasha Ruseva and Atanas Rusev. But unfortunately, finding her biological parents has not ended the complications for...
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1.  BUILD WARM AND SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS If you as a parent maintain a close, warm, and supportive relationship with your child, there will be less conflict.  Discuss your child's interests.  Learn about their hobbies.  Engage in activities together.  Maintain low levels of anger.  Speaking calmly affords better communications.  Work through their problems with them.  Praise your child when they make achievements.  Set expectations when they are away from home, by having them let you know where they are, who they are with and when they will return.  Allowing appropriate freedoms, while setting expectations will build their confidence and improves their decision makeing. This and Additional Information is Available at
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Red Ribbon Week

The Red Ribbon Campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program.   It reaches millions of young people during Red Ribbon Week, October 23rd to the 31st each year.  Please check out their website for great information and their blog and twitter updates.  Find and sign the Red Ribbon Pledge. DATCS proudly support their efforts.
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The Specifics of DNA Testing in Texas

The phrase “DNA testing” has several immediate implications, but the main idea is always the same: irrefutable scientific proof of a person’s presence. Whether we are talking about a person’s presence at the scene of a crime or at the moment of conception is just a matter of what is done with the DNA in question after it has been identified. After two decades of expansive use, DNA testing in Texas has become a staple in many criminal investigations and has helped countless people learn more about themselves and their past. What is DNA Testing For? Typical reasons for DNA testing in Texas involve parentage as often as not. Paternity and maternity tests have been very useful in helping determine whether or not a child has the biological parents they think they have. This has been especially useful for people whose questionable parentage can have serious impacts on their immigration status....
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DATCS - Drug Testing Companies in Texas That Protects Your Company From False Drug Results

As an employer, you set customer and employee safety and productivity above everything else. You know that drug-using employees can cause a lot of problems for your business, and so it’s imperative that you do pre-employment and random employee drug testing, and that you use the one of the best drug testing companies in Texas. Unfortunately, you would probably be surprised to find out that “cheating” on employee drug tests is an extremely common practice. Some drug testing companies in Texas might not have the training or capabilities to discover all the different types of drug test cheating that occur. But at DATCS, we have it covered. We see people attempting to cheat a drug test almost on a daily basis, and our trained staff know how to spot and prevent the various creative attempts at cheating a drug test. The most common form of “cheating” on drug tests involves smuggling...
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