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Drugs in Focus: Smiles

Drugs in Focus: Smiles
In a world this size, it is very easy to underestimate the number of harmful and highly addictive drugs that thrive on our streets, as well as drugs that are just now gaining public awareness. Each week, we'll examine harmful and/or illegal drugs of all  forms, shapes, and sizes. There are some you may be familiar with, but there will likely be a surprise or two along the way. This week, we turn our focus to the synthetic hallucinogen 2C-1, also known as Smiles. A synthetic hallucinogenic otherwise known as 2C-I, it's most often sold as a powder, which can be mixed with candy or chocolate before ingesting. Like its synthetic predecessors, such as K-2 and bath salts, smiles seems to appeal to a younger demographic—half of those exposed to it in 2011 were teenagers, according to the American Association of Poison Control. (source: The Fix)2C-I is part of the 2C family of drugs,...
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Guest — Addiction Expert
Great article Devan. It is interesting to note that with 2Cs growing in popularity, there is still not much done by the laws in th... Read More
Thursday, 31 October 2019 12:20
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