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Use DNA testing in Texarkana TX to Determine Paternity

DNA Testing Texarkana TX DNA testing in Texarkana TX is used to determine a child’s paternity. It may also be used to identify victims of a crime or criminal suspects. DNA testing can be used to determine if parents have generic conditions that may cause birth defects or other conditions in their children. Sometimes, DNA tests are the only way to tell if someone has been wrongly accused of a crime, and DNA testing has proven this many times, resulting in wrongly incarcerated individuals gaining their freedom. DNA paternity tests settle custody, child support and paternity cases. The medical testing service conducts DNA tests on mother, alleged father and child. Tests can be conducted on the alleged father and child and not on the mother, but the chances of relationship probability will be reduced. The mother should be tested whenever possible for accurate and conclusive results. The results of DNA testing in Texarkana TX,...
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DATCS DNA Testing Texarkana TX: Results You Can Count On

DNA Testing Texarkana TX If you have fears or doubts in regards to paternity, trust your experts at DATCS. With our DNA Testing Texarkana TX services you will get the results you need to put your doubts to rest. All of our testing is administered by trained professionals who collect, record and reported in a detailed step by step process resulting in accurate results. If need be, these results can be used in court for a custody case or for any other legal matter you might need them for. Don’t trust your DNA Testing Texarkana TX needs to anyone, trust the best. At DATCS we have the know how to deliver results you can count on.  Call us today for more information on our testing. 903-500-2770. [osky-citation keyword= 'DNA Testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  © chepko
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