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Drug Testing In Texarkana TX: Protect Your Business With Employee Drug Testing

Drug Testing Texarkana TX Every business should know who they’re hiring.  That’s why a formalized drug policy and drug testing in Texarkana TX is so important. At DATCS, we can help you with both setting up your policy and drug testing your current and prospective employees. Our experienced staff knows how to help you cover all of your bases when it comes to testing for drugs and even preventing workplace drug-related incidents.  In this day and age, when your business can be liable for something one of your employees does while under the influence, drug testing in Texarkana TX isn’t an option - it’s a necessity.   Call us at DATCS at (318) 678-5568 or visit to learn more. [osky-citation keyword='Drug Testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  © PixelRobot
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Understand the Basics of Drug Testing in Texarkana TX

Drug Testing Texarkana TX Although they’ve become all too common in today’s society, drug testing in Texarkana TX is still something that many people fail to understand. They see drug testing happen on television shows and hear about it in the news, but having that passing familiarity with drug testing doesn’t mean that people really understand how a drug test works. They understand that a drug test does exactly what it sounds like—tests for drugs—but they don’t know about the wide variety of drug tests that are available, or how those different drug tests are conducted. Without that knowledge a person can’t decide what variety of drug test will be right for their purposes, or if a drug test is what they need at all. The first step to understanding drug testing in Texarkana TX is knowledge of the what a drug test is supposed to do. The drug test examines a biological sample...
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Hair Drug Test In Texarkana TX: Learn About Your Employees’ Drug History

Hair drug test Texarkana TX How much do you know about the different methods of drug testing?  Did you know you can now have a hair drug test in Texarkana TX?  Unlike other types of drug testing, testing a sample of hair lets you see what the person you’re testing has been up to for the last 3 months.  When you call us at DATCS in Texarkana, we can help you by tailoring drug tests to your business’s needs, no matter what they are.  Visit us online at to learn more about a hair drug test in Texarkana TX and all of our other drug testing services.   Call us at (318) 678-5568 for assistance. [osky-citation keyword='Hair drug test Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  © m o t o r o l k a
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