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MRO Shreveport LA: Results You Can Trust

mro shreveport laWhen you need drug testing done for current or potential employees, you want to know that you can trust the results you receive.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than meeting with employees or potential employees to tell them of a positive test result and what that means for their job or potential job.  In order to prevent this, you want to have a company who goes the extra mile.  One who employs a MRO Shreveport LA who has the knowledge base to give you accurate results and sort out the medication interactions etc. that may affect the outcome.  DATCS does this extra measure so you can trust the results we give.  Call us today! [osky-citation keyword= 'MRO Shreveport LA']  
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What is the Role in Drug Testing for the MRO Bossier City LA?

MRO Bossier City LA at the DATCS facility, stands for Medical Review Officer.  This person is the one to review and interpret the lab results that are obtained through our testing program.  Each drug test that is performed  for the Department of Transportation is required by law to be reviewed by a medical review officer. It is highly recommended that employers in Bossier City, LA, use an MRO for all drug testing. The MRO is a licensed physician that requires specific training and certification. They must train and certify and then retrain and recertify every five years ( They must have additional technical knowledge and an understanding of economic and legal issues surrounding such testing. He or she must have knowledge of substance abuse disorders and have medical training to interpret and objectively evaluate positive test results considering medical history and other appropriate medical information. The part played by the...
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