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DNA PATERNITY TESTING is legally binding and court admissible. No appointment needed, Accredited Laboratory, Forensic Quality.
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The Medical and Legal Benefits of DNA Paternity Testing Louisiana

Contrary to popular belief, DNA paternity testing Louisiana is important for more than just verifying who the father of a child is. We see paternity testing all the time on television, but never do people talk about what happens after receiving the results of a DNA test, or what can be done with those results. It is important for a person to understand the process of DNA analysis so they know what’s going on, and it is also important for that person to know what can be done with the DNA results once they have them. Paternity testing is a method of DNA testing designed to show whether or not someone is the father of a child. In order to determine this, DNA paternity testing Louisiana takes DNA samples both from the child in question and from the child’s alleged father. The DNA strands of the two samples are then split...
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Understand the Basics of DNA Testing Louisiana

DNA testing Louisiana is actually a relatively straightforward process. Because of the many crime dramas on television, most people consider themselves familiar with what is needed for the collection of a DNA sample, but the rest of the analytical process is something we don’t usually see. We understand that the DNA test leads to a comparison with another DNA sample, but how those samples are compared is usually beyond our experience. Because of our lack of familiarity with the entire DNA analysis process, handing over a DNA sample can seem intimidating. But by understanding the steps that lead from DNA extraction to DNA results you can be more comfortable with relying on a DNA test. Since DNA is the most basic component of every individual, it can be taken from almost anywhere on a person’s body. However, there are certain parts of the body that more easily provide a large...
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What is the Role in Drug Testing for the MRO Bossier City LA?

MRO Bossier City LA at the DATCS facility, stands for Medical Review Officer.  This person is the one to review and interpret the lab results that are obtained through our testing program.  Each drug test that is performed  for the Department of Transportation is required by law to be reviewed by a medical review officer. It is highly recommended that employers in Bossier City, LA, use an MRO for all drug testing. The MRO is a licensed physician that requires specific training and certification. They must train and certify and then retrain and recertify every five years ( They must have additional technical knowledge and an understanding of economic and legal issues surrounding such testing. He or she must have knowledge of substance abuse disorders and have medical training to interpret and objectively evaluate positive test results considering medical history and other appropriate medical information. The part played by the...
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Suspect Infidelity? Have you Thought of Infidelity Testing?

dna infidelity testing datcsInfidelity testing is a DNA test that can help you draw conclusions and answer questions about the faithfulness of your partner. Infidelity DNA testing relies on testing the stains found on a garment or any items and seeks to determine either or both of the following: You might want the laboratory to determine whether there is just a single DNA profile or more than one DNA profile. The multiple gender profile DNA test for infidelity will not only tell you that there are 2 different DNA profiles present in the stain but also tell you whether the profiles are male or female. One would be surprised with the results of such a test. The second option is to actually provide a comparison DNA sample for the infidelity test. For example, once the lab confirms the presence of female DNA on you and your husband’s bed linen, you might wish to confirm...
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