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DATCS DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR: Results You Can Trust

DNA paternity testing Texarkana AR If you are in need of DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR, use a testing center that will deliver results you can trust. At DATCS our test results are collected by trained professionals and properly documented, allowing them to be used in court if the need be. The test is a simple process requiring the father in question and child. We take pride in delivering professional and accurate DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR.  Don’t put off resolving your paternity doubts any longer, trust an expert for your testing. At DATCS we will deliver results you can trust!  For more information call us today at 318-678-5568. [osky-citation keyword= "DNA Paternity Testing Texarkana AR"] Photo Credit:  © Kostia777
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DNA Paternity Testing In Texarkana AR: Top 5 Reasons For A Paternity Test

DNA paternity testing Texarkana ARToday’s DNA paternity testing in Texarkana AR provides us with a level of accuracy in determining paternity that wasn’t possible before.  In the past, the paternity of a child was based on a variety of factors - personal statements, circumstantial evidence and blood tests - none of which were conclusive.  Personal statements can be flawed and are often based on emotions rather than facts.  Blood testing can be used to rule out paternity when the child’s and suspected father’s blood types are inconsistent; but it can never be used to prove paternity.  As much as 50% of all men can have a blood type that is consistent with that of any given child. By comparison, DNA paternity testing in Texarkana AR can rule out 99.9999% of men, which makes DNA testing extremely accurate and the gold standard for determining paternity.  That’s why so many people turn to DNA testing for a...
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