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DNA PATERNITY TESTING is legally binding and court admissible. No appointment needed, Accredited Laboratory, Forensic Quality.
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The Medical and Legal Benefits of DNA Paternity Testing Louisiana

Contrary to popular belief, DNA paternity testing Louisiana is important for more than just verifying who the father of a child is. We see paternity testing all the time on television, but never do people talk about what happens after receiving the results of a DNA test, or what can be done with those results. It is important for a person to understand the process of DNA analysis so they know what’s going on, and it is also important for that person to know what can be done with the DNA results once they have them. Paternity testing is a method of DNA testing designed to show whether or not someone is the father of a child. In order to determine this, DNA paternity testing Louisiana takes DNA samples both from the child in question and from the child’s alleged father. The DNA strands of the two samples are then split...
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Understand the Basics of DNA Testing Louisiana

DNA testing Louisiana is actually a relatively straightforward process. Because of the many crime dramas on television, most people consider themselves familiar with what is needed for the collection of a DNA sample, but the rest of the analytical process is something we don’t usually see. We understand that the DNA test leads to a comparison with another DNA sample, but how those samples are compared is usually beyond our experience. Because of our lack of familiarity with the entire DNA analysis process, handing over a DNA sample can seem intimidating. But by understanding the steps that lead from DNA extraction to DNA results you can be more comfortable with relying on a DNA test. Since DNA is the most basic component of every individual, it can be taken from almost anywhere on a person’s body. However, there are certain parts of the body that more easily provide a large...
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DNA Testing Services | DNA Experts in Paternity Testing | What is DNA Paternity Testing?

What is DNA Paternity Testing?We all have a unique DNA pattern that is inherited from our biological parents and is similar to theirs in molecular structure and genetic code. Because of this similarity, the DNA can be used to test and conclusively determine biological kinship. When the testing is done to determine who the father is, it is known as DNA Paternity Testing. It is about 99.99% conclusive. It is usually not necessary to do maternity testing. DNA Paternity Testing is now widely used for scientific purposes, to determine paternity concerns, or to settle legal disputes. What does DNA Paternity Testing involve?Usually, DNA from the alleged parents and the child are required for the DNA Paternity Testing. Having access to the maternal DNA makes the testing easier, as, with this part conclusively settled, you only need to check the other half of the child's DNA with that of the father. If...
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