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Get the Most Out of Your Background Checks

Background CheckThere are thousands of criminal searches available so, how do you know which one to use? This article will give you an insight to perform a quality background check so you can get the most out of your consumer reports. DATCS started providing motor vehicle records in 2008 as part of DOT driver compliance and soon after added criminal searches. If you are anything like us, we were overwhelmed with all of the available criminal searches. In a perfect world it would be great to use all of them but unfortunately, a single database search does not exist. Another important factor is budget. The more searches you conduct, the higher the cost. As employers, you want to conduct the most effective searches while keeping your costs as low as possible. First, you should be conducting proper identity research. This includes gathering names, aliases, and dates of birth, Social Security Numbers (SSN),...
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Criminal Background Check In Tyler, TX: Know Who’s Working For You

criminal background check Tyler TXIf you’re not having a criminal background check done on your employees in Tyler, TX, then you’re making your business, customers and other employees vulnerable to possible criminal behavior.  The best way to protect your business is to know who you’re hiring and who you’re trusting.  With a criminal background check for each of your employees in Tyler, TX, you are adding an extra measure of protection from employees who may disrupt or cripple your business.  Call us at DATCS (Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance Services) in Tyler at 903-534-3893 for a customized criminal background check package specific to the needs of your business and visit us at to learn more.  We now also serve the Texarkana, TX and Texarkana, AR area. [osky-citation keyword='criminal background check Tyler TX']Photo Credit:  © a l e x s k o p j e  
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DOT Physicals In Longview, TX: Regular Physicals Help To Insure Road Safety

dot physicals Longview TXMoving goods back and forth across Texas and rest of the country is important for business and for consumers but moving these goods safely should be the primary concern for commercial motor vehicle drivers.  Not only should they worry about their own safety but they should also be concerned with the safety of the driving public.  The U.S. Department of Transportation requires most drivers of commercial vehicles to have DOT physicals administered in Longview, TX and at many other locations around the country to insure that they are healthy enough to handle the demanding job of commercial vehicle driver. Are you a commercial vehicle driver who needs a physical?  If you operate a motor vehicle that carries 9 to 15 passengers, drive the vehicle more than 75 miles from where you report to work and the vehicle is driven interstate then you must get a physical.  If the commercial vehicle you...
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Criminal Background Check Longview TX: Know What To Look For

criminal background check longview tx When you need a company to handle your criminal background check Longview TX, do you know who to call?  DATCS is your resource for all types of testing.  We can do regional or nationwide searches for criminal history on potential employees at your workplace.  We’ve been handling all types of testing for our customers for years and know how to handle the laws for each state regarding what can and can’t be done.  When you need the best for a criminal background check Longview TX, you need to call DATCS at (903) 500-2770.  You can also visit us online to learn more at   [osky-citation keyword= 'criminal background check Longview TX']
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The Basics of Drug Testing Tyler TX

Between television shows and news broadcasts, almost everyone understands the basic purpose of drug testing Tyler TX. Most people know that drug testing involves taking a biological sample—usually blood or urine—and analyzing it to determine if drugs are present in the system of the person being tested. However, most people don’t understand more about the process than these basics. Often people don’t understand what samples need to be taken, or how they need to be taken, or what the test is actually attempting to show. If someone understands the basics of a drug test they will be able to choose which kind of drug test would work best for their needs. Testing samples can come from a wide variety of biological specimens. These specimens include things like urine, blood, hair, sweat, saliva, and breath air. Different kinds of drug tests work best at detecting different kinds of drugs. The most common...
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