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Memorial Day

Closed in observance of Memorial Day. DATCS willopen Tuesday, May 30, at normal business hours. “Memorial Day isn’t just about honoring veterans, its honoring those who lost their lives. Veterans had the fortune of coming home. For us, that’s a reminder of when we come home we still have a responsibility to serve. It’s a continuation of service that honors our country and those who fell defending it.” – Pete Hegseth
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National Police Week : DATCS supports Police all over the nation!

Image result for national police week In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Currently, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converge on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The Memorial Service began in 1982 as a gathering in Senate Park of approximately 120 survivors and supporters of law enforcement. Decades later, the event, more commonly known as National Police Week, has grown to a series of events which attracts thousands of survivors and law enforcement officers to our Nation's Capital each year. The National Peace Officers' Memorial Service, which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, is one in a series of events which includes the Candlelight Vigil, which is sponsored...
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Taking Back Unused Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

This federal program provides secure take-back locations for anyone to turn in their unused prescription medications, no strings attached.

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Recovering From Addiction: The Best Tips On How To Be Safe And Healthy

    Starting your life over after battling an addiction can feel like it’s just that: starting over. It’s a difficult transition, and many people in recovery find themselves facing relapse under the weight of coping with it all. It’s important to remember that this process is a lengthy one, and that nothing will happen overnight. That’s why it’s imperative that you give yourself some time to heal and learn how to manage your expectations. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe and healthy after living with addiction. Take it slow You may feel as though you’ve moved on to a new chapter and are ready to take on the world, and that’s wonderful! However, it’s important to remember that recovery takes time. Removing yourself from the addiction is only the first step, and there may be days when you don’t feel like yourself. It’s a normal part...
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Important Things to Know to Help You Overcome Addiction

woodland 656969 960 720If you’ve identified that you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, made a decision to do something about it, and made a solid, specific plan of recovery, congratulations - you’ve put yourself on the path. Honestly, both to others and to yourself, is crucial at this moment. It’s important to be honest about the process as well, which means that you know this: putting yourself on the path to recovery, though brave and commendable, does not mean your work is over. It’s called a path to recovery for a reason - you must walk down it and avoid the pitfalls that arise along the way. Now that you’re on the path, here are some helpful things to know as you begin. Identify, familiarize yourself, and prepare for you triggers Throughout your journey to recovery, it’s likely you’ll face many triggers, or circumstances that tempt one into relapse. Triggers are...
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Drug Overdose during the Holidays – Time is now.

Of all the illicit drugs on the market, cocaine acts as one of the most powerfully addictive substances in existence. Cocaine produces an intense “high,” giving users a feeling of confidence, excitement and seemingly boundless energy. Unfortunately, these effects only last for so long before cocaine’s presence in the brain and body start to cause problems. During the holiday season, a cocaine addiction can quickly spin out of control considering the added pressures and obligations that come with this time of year. Read More Here :
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DATCS is now offering Online Training!

DATCS is now offering online collectors training for both DOT urine and alcohol collections/testing. This is a live interaction via a webcam with certified master trainers. This training requires at least a two week notice in advanced for scheduling purpose as well as the shipping of all the training material to your location. This training concludes with the required 5 consecutive error free mock collections to be observed by the instructor between the student and a donor. The donor can be any party of the student’s choosing but they may not be the instructor. The classroom material takes approximately 6 hours to cover and the hands-on practice mocks generally take 2. This training is offered Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. For the scheduling of this training or to inquire about pricing/ordering supplies please contact the training department located out of DATCS’ corporate office in Longview Tx. or (903) 234-1136...
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Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA: The Past Can Come Back To You

Criminal Background Check Shreveport LAOwning or operating a business carries with it the possibility of a great number of unforeseen occurrences like weather-related delays in your shipping or software glitches that can keep you from processing orders.  But the last kind of surprise you want is finding out that one of your employees has a criminal record.  That’s why it’s so important to have a criminal background check in Shreveport LA done for all of your current and potential employees. This may seem like a great deal of trouble to go through, especially if you have a lot of employees; but think about the possible consequences of not knowing who’s working for you.  Depending on the type of criminal activity your employee was involved in, you could be setting the stage for workplace violence that cannot only damage your company’s reputation but can also result in physical injury to you, other employees or customers.  If...
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DATCS Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA: Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Hiring Process

Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA First impressions are important, but how do you know what a potential employee is really like? With a Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA done by your professionals at DATCS, you can take the guess work out of who to hire. When you are not being forced to guess based off of a first impression and are making your hiring decisions based off of facts you will be more confident and protected as an employer. At DATCS we will work with you to implement a background check process. Our results are thorough and reliable. Feel confident in your employees with the help of your Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA experts.  Call DATCS today 318-678-5568. [osky-citation keyword='Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA'] Photo Credit:  © alexskopje
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Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA: Know Who’s Working For You

Criminal Background Check Shreveport LADo you know who’s working for you?  You should know everything about your employees to protect yourself, your staff and your business.  That’s where a criminal background check in Shreveport LA comes in.  A criminal background check can find out more about your employees’ than just their names.  It can uncover not only a criminal past but any financial problems an employee may have.  A criminal background check in Shreveport LA can also help you get information about any potential employees before you hire them. Call us at DATCS at (318) 678-5568 or visit for help with your criminal background checks. [osky-citation keyword='Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA'] Photo Credit:  © Mattz90
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Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA: Increase Your Workplace Safety

Criminal Background Check Shreveport LA As an employer, you probably get to know your staff pretty well, especially if you have a small- or even a medium-sized business.  And because you spend so much time with so many different kinds of people, you can get to be pretty good at reading them and figuring out if there’s something wrong or if there’s something they’re not telling you.  The good thing is that you don’t have to go it alone if you have a bad feeling about someone who works for you - you can get a criminal background check in Shreveport LA that can tell you everything your sixth sense can’t tell you. No one likes to think the worst of others but as an employer, you have a responsibility, not only to your business but to your other staff and your customers to be careful who you hire.  And, unfortunately, people will try to...
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DATCS Background Checks Shreveport LA:

Background Checks Shreveport LA How do you really know who you are hiring? As a business owner it is your responsibility to know that you are hiring employees that are free and clear of an unsavory background that could come back to negatively affect your business and customers. This is where DACTS and our Background Checks Shreveport LA service comes into play. We offer quick and reliable results that will leave you confident in your hiring process. If you don’t have a background check policy and system in place, we can help with that too.  Call DATCS today for your expert Background Check Shreveport LA service at 318-678-5568. [osky-citation keyword='Background Checks Shreveport LA'] Photo Credit:  © Jirsak
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Retaining Quality Employees: Background Checks in Shreveport LA

Background Checks Shreveport LA Any company concerned about the bottom line knows that one of the largest costs of operating is training new employees.  This is especially true if you have a high turnover. This means that new employees are continuously cycling through your door and not staying long enough to make training them worthwhile. Think about it, each new person you employ needs several weeks of job specific training before they can even begin to be productive. This training time is always paid. This can equate to a significant amount of money, especially in more technically specialized job fields like nursing, where the orientation period is often several months. Pay more than a handful of employees for two months straight only to have them leave three to five weeks after orientation is over and you will quickly discover why many companies consider background checks in Shreveport LA and essential step in new employee...
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Drug Testing In Texarkana TX: Protect Your Business With Employee Drug Testing

Drug Testing Texarkana TX Every business should know who they’re hiring.  That’s why a formalized drug policy and drug testing in Texarkana TX is so important. At DATCS, we can help you with both setting up your policy and drug testing your current and prospective employees. Our experienced staff knows how to help you cover all of your bases when it comes to testing for drugs and even preventing workplace drug-related incidents.  In this day and age, when your business can be liable for something one of your employees does while under the influence, drug testing in Texarkana TX isn’t an option - it’s a necessity.   Call us at DATCS at (318) 678-5568 or visit to learn more. [osky-citation keyword='Drug Testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  © PixelRobot
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Understand the Basics of Drug Testing in Texarkana TX

Drug Testing Texarkana TX Although they’ve become all too common in today’s society, drug testing in Texarkana TX is still something that many people fail to understand. They see drug testing happen on television shows and hear about it in the news, but having that passing familiarity with drug testing doesn’t mean that people really understand how a drug test works. They understand that a drug test does exactly what it sounds like—tests for drugs—but they don’t know about the wide variety of drug tests that are available, or how those different drug tests are conducted. Without that knowledge a person can’t decide what variety of drug test will be right for their purposes, or if a drug test is what they need at all. The first step to understanding drug testing in Texarkana TX is knowledge of the what a drug test is supposed to do. The drug test examines a biological sample...
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Drug Testing In Texarkana AR: The ABCs Of Employer Drug Testing

Drug Testing Texarkana AR Every day in this country, employees show up at their place of work suffering from an impairment of some kind because of drug or alcohol abuse.  For that reason, employer drug testing in Texarkana AR has become such an important tool for businesses.  Not only are many employers in the U.S. using drug testing for their employees and potential employees, they’re also implementing clear written policies that outline the kinds of behavior they expect from their employees and how they’ll go about making sure that their employees aren’t abusing drugs or alcohol. Drug testing in Texarkana AR is important for many reasons including: ➤  It deters employees from abusing drugs or alcohol. ➤  It keeps employers from hiring new employees who are substance abusers ➤  It allows employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees and protects the general public. ➤  It lets employers identify employees who have substance...
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Use DNA testing in Texarkana TX to Determine Paternity

DNA Testing Texarkana TX DNA testing in Texarkana TX is used to determine a child’s paternity. It may also be used to identify victims of a crime or criminal suspects. DNA testing can be used to determine if parents have generic conditions that may cause birth defects or other conditions in their children. Sometimes, DNA tests are the only way to tell if someone has been wrongly accused of a crime, and DNA testing has proven this many times, resulting in wrongly incarcerated individuals gaining their freedom. DNA paternity tests settle custody, child support and paternity cases. The medical testing service conducts DNA tests on mother, alleged father and child. Tests can be conducted on the alleged father and child and not on the mother, but the chances of relationship probability will be reduced. The mother should be tested whenever possible for accurate and conclusive results. The results of DNA testing in Texarkana TX,...
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DATCS Drug Testing Texarkana AR: The Necessary Step To Protect Your Business

Drug Testing Texarkana AR As a business owner it is your responsibility to know who you have employed. With DATCS and our Drug Testing Texarkana AR services we can help protect your business, customers and other employees. If you don’t already have a testing policy enforced, we can help plan and implement one today. These types of policies set a precedence for not only your current employees, but also future ones while weeding out potential problems. Having an employee who uses drugs can be a risk to everyone they are around, including your business. Take charge and start preventing unnecessary risks to your business with employee Drug Testing Texarkana AR.  To get started call your experts at DATCS today at 903-500-2770. [osky-citation keyword='Drug Testing Texarkana AR'] Photo Credit:  © cozyta
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DATCS DNA Testing Texarkana TX: Results You Can Count On

DNA Testing Texarkana TX If you have fears or doubts in regards to paternity, trust your experts at DATCS. With our DNA Testing Texarkana TX services you will get the results you need to put your doubts to rest. All of our testing is administered by trained professionals who collect, record and reported in a detailed step by step process resulting in accurate results. If need be, these results can be used in court for a custody case or for any other legal matter you might need them for. Don’t trust your DNA Testing Texarkana TX needs to anyone, trust the best. At DATCS we have the know how to deliver results you can count on.  Call us today for more information on our testing. 903-500-2770. [osky-citation keyword= 'DNA Testing Texarkana TX'] Photo Credit:  © chepko
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DNA Testing Texarkana AR: No Matter Why We Can Help

DNA Testing Texarkana AR It doesn’t matter why you need DNA testing in Texarkana AR, you want to know that the test results you get are accurate.  In order to be sure your getting what you need from your DNA testing in Texarkana AR, you need to use a company who specializes in reliable and complete testing information. If you are needing it for custody information we provide you with a report that is admissible in court.   Call DATCS today at (318) 678-5568 to schedule your appointment or visit us online to learn more at  We’ll give you the results you need in a format that will be complete.  Trust the best with your testing needs, trust DATCS. [osky-citation keyword= 'DNA Testing Texarkana AR'] Photo Credit:  ©  Wavebreakmedia
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